Todorenko Apologized For Trying To Justify Domestic Violence

Todorenko Apologized For Trying To Justify Domestic Violence
Todorenko Apologized For Trying To Justify Domestic Violence

Video: Todorenko Apologized For Trying To Justify Domestic Violence

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Video: Victims of domestic abuse re-traumatized by negotiations with partners, say advocates 2023, January

Popular TV presenter Regina Todorenko has repeatedly shocked fans with statements about domestic violence. Realizing she was wrong, Regina posted a video on Instagram, in which she admitted her mistake and explained what she meant. However, subscribers were not satisfied with her apology. In the comments, opinions were expressed that Regina Todorenko did not understand what she was talking about:

"Even now, you do not understand. You apologize and look for excuses for yourself, creating intrigue and understatement. In your apology, you are pulling the blanket over yourself."

"When you, Regina, said," What did you do to prevent you from being beaten, "you betrayed hundreds of thousands of women. They may have already wanted to break out of the hell of domestic violence, but then the wise Regina says that, probably, they are themselves are to blame and if they work on themselves, then everything will be ok. The man has nothing to do with it, you don't need to leave him!"

“Regina, this is already ridiculous. It’s not the first time that you tell your opinion, but when you come for it, you justify yourself with the wrong wording, pha-ha-ha. Then learn how to formulate thoughts first, then give an interview.”

Later, Glamor magazine announced that it had stripped Regina Todorenko of the title of "Women of the Year" 2019. The editors announced this on their Instagram.

Recall that on the eve of Regina Todorenko and Vlad Topalov commented on the conflict in the family of Agatha Muceniece and Pavel Priluchny in an online interview with PeopleTalk, they also spoke about the divorce of Oksana Samoilova and Dzhigan. According to the star couple, you can't wash dirty linen in public, and Regina put the question squarely, asking "what did you do to prevent him from hitting you."

Live with Glamor magazine Regina Todorenko tried to explain her position: "You just don't need to choose such a man. You don't need to be patient all 10 years." But not everyone supported her, although there were those who reminded that everyone is entitled to their opinion.

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