Meghan Markle Was Suspected Of A Non-standard Treatment

Meghan Markle Was Suspected Of A Non-standard Treatment
Meghan Markle Was Suspected Of A Non-standard Treatment

Video: Meghan Markle Was Suspected Of A Non-standard Treatment

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The Duchess of Sussex Megan was suspected of trying to recover from childbirth with the help of jewelry. Reported by the Daily Mail.


Journalists have noticed that recently Meghan Markle has been published in turquoise jewelry. For example, on the weekend she appeared at a London baseball game in rectangular earrings with turquoise, and on the day of the first interview after the birth of her son Archie at Windsor Castle - in a necklace with these stones.

Gem expert and writer Heather Askinoise suggests that the Duchess wears this gem to speed up her recovery from childbirth. “This wonderful gem is worth wearing when you want to focus on your health. Turquoise is the perfect crystal for new mothers, it gives them blessings,”she explained. The specialist also noted that it is turquoise that promotes early treatment and recovery from illness.

Earlier in June, social media users admired the appearance of the Duchess of Sussex. They were surprised that Markle returned to perfect shape just two months after giving birth.

"Explain to me how Archie's [37-year-old] mom looks like she's 22?" - asked one of the users of Instagram under the photo in the royal account.

“Megan looks amazingly beautiful and exudes joy. I cannot imagine that it would be possible to look so cool and go out in less than two months after giving birth,”another supported her.

On May 6, Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle had their first child. The child was named Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor. He finished seventh in line to the British throne after his grandfather - Prince Charles, uncle - Prince William, his children - Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis, and father - Prince Harry.

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