Vodonaeva Reported Harassment On Television

Vodonaeva Reported Harassment On Television
Vodonaeva Reported Harassment On Television

Video: Vodonaeva Reported Harassment On Television

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Video: Как Водонаева к Скабеевой на передачу ходила. Треш на Россия-1 2023, January

TV presenter Alena Vodonaeva spoke about how she was molested. She posted a video of the confession on her YouTube channel.

As Vodonaeva said, this happened in 2007, when she tried to become a presenter on one of the popular TV channels. She went through all the stages of casting. The pilot episode was filmed, and she had to talk to the "main man".

"In the office of last resort, they told me that they expect from me not only enchanting broadcasts and sharp questions, but also close personal contact," said Alena Vodonaeva.

According to the star, this was the only such case in her life. Alena Vodonaeva named the person who harassed her. It turned out to be the vice-president of the Academy of Russian Television, Alexander Mitroshenkov.

Vodonaeva noted that she decided to talk about this after a while, because other women can get into a similar situation.

“I think the time has come for women in our country to stop being afraid to speak when your professional qualities are given second place.”

Previously, Rambler said that Temnikova spoke about the harassment.

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