Alena Vodonaeva Completely Undressed For The Third Time

Alena Vodonaeva Completely Undressed For The Third Time
Alena Vodonaeva Completely Undressed For The Third Time

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TV star Alena Vodonaeva again showed a figure in fashionable gloss. She often brags about the result of working on herself, but the new photo shoot really impressed the fans of the beauty.

Alena Vodonaeva said that she was again invited to appear on the cover of one of the most popular men's magazines. She announced another success in her microblog: “I got a new cover of Maxim magazine there. Already the third in a row. While I'm here on the beach in a swimsuit, you can watch me there without him."

The former participant of the show "Dom-2" accompanied her post with candid pictures in a bright swimsuit. The inscription on it was obscene and we had to edit it in Photoshop so that we could show Alena's beauty without offending anyone's feelings. The photos received tens of thousands of "likes". And for the cover of the glossy edition, Vodonaeva posed nude by the misted glass. Fans of the beauty noted that 35-year-old Alena has not changed over the years: “The fire was and is. She was shot for the cover for the third time, it already means something, a recognized beauty! " “Slender girl, what shapes! It seems to have reduced your breasts, but it is still perfect for you! " "Vodonaeva is fire, your husband is very lucky!" “Gorgeous photo session, spicy, as always. If there is something to show, it is a sin not to do it. " "A luxurious figure, you can walk the streets naked, you cannot hide such forms."

Alena Vodonaeva takes care of herself and pays a lot of attention to her appearance. She recently said that she developed her own nutritional system for those who want to improve their appearance and health. The TV presenter emphasized that she did not allow herself to consume alcohol and fatty foods, and even called for giving up high-calorie food and alcohol for the New Year holidays.

Alena is now married to musician Alexei Kosinus. They got married in the fall of last year, but could not go on a honeymoon after the wedding, so it was decided to postpone it for the New Year holidays. It was in Bali that the TV star clarified that she graced the cover of Maxim.

Vodonaeva is already demonstrating ideal forms, and yet not long ago she was struggling with extra pounds gained due to the inability to play sports. Alena frankly said that she recovered a little due to the fact that she underwent surgery, and for some time she had to give up physical activity.

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