Everyone Has Jambs: Vodonaeva Filed For Divorce

Everyone Has Jambs: Vodonaeva Filed For Divorce
Everyone Has Jambs: Vodonaeva Filed For Divorce

Video: Everyone Has Jambs: Vodonaeva Filed For Divorce

Video: Водонаева.Исповедь: об изнасиловании в 14 лет, бесплодии и женской доле 2022, December

The star of "House-2" and the TV presenter announced in her microblog that she was getting divorced from her husband Alexei Kosinus. The former spouses decided not to delay the separation and on June 26 they submitted an application. Already on July 30, Alena Vodonaeva will become free again.

Alena published an emotional post, explaining herself to the subscribers.

“Until we learn to appreciate those we have loved and divorce (or leave) in a civilized manner, society will not change, and we will be content with what we have.

The world begins with us, dear ones. And it is so important not just to shed dirt or even silently leave, how to learn to maintain friendly relations with those with whom you shared your life, bed and were happy.

Only wise and well-mannered people consider it beneath their dignity to leave with a scandal, leaving behind a trail of slop and dirt, which is always rinsed by “girlfriends” and mutual acquaintances.

And to betray the secrets of the once close people who trusted you and thereby discredit their choice is a weak position. Especially if it was not just a close person, but a HUSBAND. Believe me, ideal people do not exist, and everyone has their own jambs, which, if desired, can be turned over to any inconvenient side, destroying a person (and yourself) and thereby opening a gateway to a huge gestalt and an energy hole.

If you really want to discuss the "bad husband", gossip with your friend in the kitchen, and not on the Internet and certainly not at Malakhov's (while falling from an armchair, for example). Yes. We filed for divorce, and then went to a restaurant for lunch.

We will be divorced already on July 30, and no matter what, we wish each other only one thing - happiness and love. We value our past, present and friendship. Yes. Did not work out. It happens. Things are good."

Fans tried to support Vodonaeva, noting her restraint and wisdom.

What a wise and restrained you are … and most importantly, you know how to control your emotions. I'm proud!

It's a pity, you are such a beautiful couple. But it is better to realize and divorce right away, if something goes wrong, than to accumulate discontent and then burst from him!

You looked beautiful together. May everyone have a beautiful new story of their own. And it's good that it ended so beautifully

Very wise! After the divorce, my husband and I drank champagne, and until now we communicate like friends!

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