Party With Covid. How Stars Infect Each Other With Coronavirus

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Party With Covid. How Stars Infect Each Other With Coronavirus
Party With Covid. How Stars Infect Each Other With Coronavirus

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The coronavirus has again burst into the Russian celebrity crowd, but now it has taken on the young. Masters of a risky age have become more cautious after the stories with Babkina and Leshchenko. And youth idols are not afraid of anything and throw grandiose parties, even with a confirmed diagnosis, as the party-goers themselves gossip.

The crown does not press

At the end of July, rapper Aljay and his wife, blogger and TV presenter Nastya Ivleeva became infected. From them, the disease was transmitted to all relatives, including parents who are at risk of age. This was preceded by violent events. On July 7, the couple celebrated their wedding anniversary on a grand scale, they had dozens of famous guests in their midst: blogger Maria Minogarova, rapper Morgenstern, presenter Yulia Koval and others.

A couple of days later, Aljay's birthday was celebrated. The ban on public events, in general, does not interfere with arranging parties and private performances for their circle.

On July 26, a grandiose party for 300 guests was thrown by the soloist of the Ivanushki International group Andrei Grigoriev-Apollonov, who turned 50.

“There were everyone: from the TV presenter and singer Olga Buzova to the politician and publicist Irina Khakamada. The company hugged and took joint photos all evening and all night,”says Muz-TV.

And after a while, one of the participants in the banquet, the concert director of many artists, Ulyana Banana, received a positive test for coronavirus.

Because of such moral monsters we get sick

Ulyana did not specify where and how she got infected, but she angrily attacked those who are sick and continue to go to parties.

“Today, by texting with a friend, I realized that in our society there really are such types who can afford to go to public places with a CONFIRMED diagnosis. It is because of such moral monsters that we get sick,”she wrote on Instagram and posted a screenshot


Singer Victoria Daineko made it clear that she knew about it firsthand: “I also had a“friend”who has several people at home who are sick, and she hangs out.”

“How many could I re-infect! Hair on end "

And this week, singer Rita Dakota was among the infected, whose coronavirus was confirmed only from the third time. She developed pronounced symptoms after a large-scale party in honor of the birthday of singer Klava Koki, where there were also a bunch of guests.

On Instagram, a sick Rita Dakota proves her responsibility:

“Let me remind you that neither blood nor CT scan showed a crown, and only my chuyka made me stay at home all this time! Can you imagine if I had scored and did not bother with the third analysis. How many people could I re-infect! Hair on end …"

Recently, the World Health Organization stated unequivocally that if the second wave of coronavirus comes, then reckless youth will be to blame.

New outbreaks in several countries were caused by "young people who have relaxed their vigilance during the summer season in the northern hemisphere," according to the WHO leadership. They complain that young people have returned to their old lives, hang out in clubs and other crowded premises and contribute to the active spread of covid.

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