Vorobiev Published A Frank Letter To Daineko

Vorobiev Published A Frank Letter To Daineko
Vorobiev Published A Frank Letter To Daineko

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Video: Воробьёв обманул в 10 раз или почему Дайнеко закрылась и депрессует? 2022, November

Singer Alexei Vorobyov, to the delight of his fans, posted on his Instagram account a rather defiant photo with ex-girlfriend Victoria Daineko, and wrote a very frank post about their relationship. Fans have long suspected that the couple might converge, and now the singer has actually confirmed this.

“Everything we did, we did it sincerely. And they loved, and hated, and dreamed of being together, and dreamed of never seeing each other again. I don’t know which of these dreams will come true for you and me, but I’m damn interested in what fate will give us, or each of us further,”wrote the singer under the picture, where Victoria is sitting on his lap.

He added that their relationship goes "through the years and thousands of miles," and he appreciates and cherishes "every moment" when he managed to be with Victoria. Vorobyov also made a rather frank statement. “Your voice has always aroused the desire to create in me, and your body aroused everything else in me,” he wrote under the photo. The singer admitted that he does not know what awaits them. And he finished his open letter with the word "Kisses" and the signature "Your AV".

Fans in the comments wished the couple to always stay together. “Everything is rightly said that if in 10 years life brings you all the time, it’s not easy, accept it and be together for many years”, “God grant them happiness, harmonious couple. After so many years, reunited, which means fate "," Very touching words! Happiness to you, "- wrote the fans under the revelation of Vorobyov.

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