I Was Framed: Unrecognized "son" Of Nikolai Tsiskaridze Confessed To Deception

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I Was Framed: Unrecognized "son" Of Nikolai Tsiskaridze Confessed To Deception
I Was Framed: Unrecognized "son" Of Nikolai Tsiskaridze Confessed To Deception

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Young actor Timur Akperov decided to quit lying and start a singing career. He sings songs in his native Azerbaijani language.


When the famous ballet dancer and teacher Nikolai Tsiskaridze in October 2019 learned from the newspapers that he, it turns out, has an almost 20-year-old "illegitimate son", he did not even want to comment on this story.

The people became interested in the topic, especially since a young man named Timur Akperov convincingly told the details of his birth and urged the former premier of the Bolshoi Ballet to undergo a DNA examination.

In the following months, according to Timur's stories, a lot happened in his life. He was beaten by showman Stas Baretsky, doctors found he had cancer, he promised to sue Tsiskaridze, and then said that he was leaving to live in Azerbaijan, to his uncle and aunt.


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And finally, the young man decided to put an end to a series of lies. In an interview with the correspondent of the Teleprogramma.pro portal, he told about what actually connects him with Tsiskaridze, and who invented this story with "paternity".

"Ready" son for a ballet star

Of course, Akperov is similar to Tsiskaridze, but this is only an external resemblance. They are not relatives, and the actor honestly admitted this.

“I am not the son of Nikolai Tsiskaridze. I was set up by a journalist, a friend of Gauguin Solntsev. Gauguin did not know that I had my own dad, and therefore conveyed this false news to the press - he wanted to please Tsiskaridze so that he had such a ready-made, well-bred, well-groomed son like me.

And then I had to play my acting role on the Internet. Yes, it was a hype, but I want to tell everyone only one thing: I didn't want to hurt anyone!"

According to the actor, he himself was a victim of deception.

“The journalist initially introduced herself to me on the phone as the editor of a popular talk show. She wanted to find out everything about me, but in the end she lied and cruelly set me up.

She said that we would be filming the program and that is why we need to send me to St. Petersburg to get some biomaterial of Nikolai. I had a month or more to abandon the program. And I would refuse! And then it turned out that she was not from that show at all."

I want to ask for forgiveness

Now Timur regrets that he did not immediately stop Solntsev's idea of ​​making this mess with his "illegitimate son." After all, he accused a decent person of being able to abandon his own child, and at the same time insulted the feelings of his many fans.

“I was just set up. I really want to ask for forgiveness from Nikolai Maksimovich, and from the people too. God grant that young people are not led to such things."

By the way, not so long ago Akperov decided to try himself in a new field - now he sings songs in his native language - Azerbaijani. The guy hopes that in the future, when he becomes a famous singer, no one will remember this stupid story.

“I wanted to confess everything now, while I'm young. I don’t want to be bullied over me in the future (ROFL - to laugh, roll on the floor laughing - ed.), I don’t want to be a stupid boy for everyone who considers himself the illegitimate son of Tsiskarise”.

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