Gauguin Solntsev's Wife Faces Facial Paralysis

Gauguin Solntsev's Wife Faces Facial Paralysis
Gauguin Solntsev's Wife Faces Facial Paralysis

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The missing wife of Gauguin Solntsev unexpectedly showed up in the studio of the program of Andrei Malakhov. The TV presenter promised: after plastic surgery, pensioner Yekaterina Tereshkovich will become a youthful beauty. No miraculous transformation happened. Capital plastic surgeons are horrified by Katya's appearance: the old woman was simply disfigured!

The epic with the family life of Gauguin Solntsev and his wife Catherine, apparently, will drag on for a long time. As it became known to our correspondents, the ratings of this pair are not lower than those of Petrosyan and Stepanenko. Therefore, Malakhov's team signed an exclusive contract with Gauguin, according to which he and his family can only appear in their program.

The renewed Katya had to conquer with her beauty. But the admiration for her appearance was only heard in the studio. The audience noted that the left eye of Solntsev's passion is difficult to open.


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Plastic surgeons assure: Tereshkovich needs to run not to Malakhov's shooting, but to neurologists, otherwise she could be paralyzed.

“Apparently, Ekaterina's operation was carried out in a state clinic,” says plastic surgeon Alexander Vdovin. - The problem is that doctors who work there do not have the opportunity to undergo training abroad at their own expense, so they do not have knowledge of new methods of plastic surgery in the field of maxillofacial surgery. As they say, the old school, old methods, hence the result on the face.

According to Vdovin, Katya's operation was performed poorly. Because of this, her face "floated". Now it will be extremely difficult for a loving pensioner to restore her appearance.

“Apparently, Katya underwent a circular facelift,” Vdovin continues. - This technique is outdated - there is a high risk of touching the facial nerve. Which is exactly what happened to Catherine. She has a noticeable face asymmetry, it is clear that her left eye does not open. It can be assumed that this was due to ptosis - damage to the optic nerve. After all, we do not see this in photographs before plastic surgery. It is noticeable that makeup artists did a great job on Katya before entering the studio. She applied makeup, highlighted the cheekbone area and the chin area. Any woman will become beautiful after that! If we remove the makeup from the face, then we will notice only minor improvements in the patient's appearance.

According to Vdovin, Solntsev's pensioner wife could have carried out more sparing operations. After them, she really would look younger and could compete even with young stars!

“If she turned to me, I would suggest that she undergo blepharoplasty of the upper and lower eyelids using the Asian technique, as well as a tragus lift,” the specialist says. - In the area of ​​the tragus, an incision is made and the areas of the skin are tightened. With this technique, it is impossible to touch the facial nerve. The operation is non-traumatic. It is performed for thirty minutes under local anesthesia, with full recovery after a month. But with a circular lift, facial expressions are often distorted. It also leaves visible scars on the face. It is unlikely that Katya will now be able to afford even to collect her hair. Now there are new hardware techniques: thanks to radio frequency waves, in one session, you can tighten the muscles and restore the oval of the face.

According to the plastic surgeon, Solntsev's wife needs to take care of her health seriously. She cannot do without the help of doctors.

- Inflammation of the trigeminal nerve is a very serious diagnosis! - says the medic. - She urgently needs to seek help from the Department of Neurology. Otherwise, it may be skewed and the right side of the face will paralyze. Spouse Gauguin may lose the opportunity to smile and speak. This is all very serious!

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