Piekha Told How Important Sex Is In A Relationship

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Piekha Told How Important Sex Is In A Relationship
Piekha Told How Important Sex Is In A Relationship

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Stas Piekha is called one of the main sex symbols on our stage. The singer himself is only glad of this. Moreover, he cannot imagine his life without sex!


Half a life in one position is sad

Many beauties have been in the warm embrace of Piekha. The first time he learned about the delights of adult love, while still a teenager. He still remembers that sexual experience that made him a man.

- It happened at one of the parties that my friends were having! - the artist admitted.

Since then, he began to regularly play novels. At one time, Stas met with rapper Timati's cousin Victoria Smirnova, with model Natalia Gorchakova, who gave birth to his son Peter … The singer never tired of repeating: the intimate side in relationships with girls is very important for him. Boring sex never interested him.

- Yes, I love experiments, - said the singer. - And who doesn't love … Half a life in one position, turned it over and how did he remarry? Dull scenario.

Stas admitted: he was used to experiments from his youth. Then he often practiced sex in unexpected places. And this gave him a lot of vivid emotions that are not forgotten even over the years.

- During my stormy youth, I wanted to experiment wherever possible, - says the singer. - I've had sex in my life both in parks and on rooftops. But this is not always as great as it seems. As it turned out, sometimes it is not even very safe. In the parks, dogs walk at night (laughs).

This is probably why over the years his ideas about sex have changed somewhat. Now extreme pleasures do not seduce him. You can also get pleasure at home - it would be a fantasy!

- I am for comfort, - the singer explains. - Yes, and none of the girls offered anything so extreme for a long time. Now, after all, I pay attention not only to the intimate component.

It's rare for girls to be rude

Meanwhile, Stas is sad. They say, despite the great experience of communicating with girls, he cannot fully understand the female soul. That is why he often has conflicts with the fair sex.

- A man lives by reason, and a woman - by emotions, - says Stas. - Girls sometimes have such hesitations! It is not known what you will get into if they are in a bad mood. I personally never understand what a girl does not like. It seems that I always try to behave with dignity, but all the same resentment, resentment … How can this be? In general, I am an absolutely harmless person. But these feminine vibrations …

According to Stas, he only now learned not to pay attention to the claims from his passions. And before, every time I was worried!

- Sometimes the girl herself wants to be offended. “What are you, goat, standing and looking at me like that! Better hug,”she says. You come up, and in response you hear: "No, move away, you are disgusting to me!" I try not to pay attention to offenses, but only if they are not dictated by my boorish behavior. But I'm rarely rude. I try to be very correct with women.

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