Rita Dakota Is Saved By Her Friends

Rita Dakota Is Saved By Her Friends
Rita Dakota Is Saved By Her Friends

Video: Rita Dakota Is Saved By Her Friends

Video: Rita Dakota - Карандаш (Премьера клипа / 2021) 2022, November

The girl tries to drown out the pain of her soul even for a moment.

Recall that the news of the divorce of 28-year-old Rita Dakota from 26-year-old Vlad Sokolovsky excited literally everyone: both fans and show business stars. It's hard to believe that the most crooked and loving couple, as the fans called it, are now dividing the property.

According to Rita, her husband allegedly cheated on her with her friends. And everyone knew about it, including family members. Ironically, Rita Dakota recently posted a story on her Instagram where she and Vlad walk in the park. And between them something like a comic parting is played out theatrically, where Sokolovsky casually says that he will think about whether to leave Rita or not. And this scene turned out to be prophetic. hoped.

Now Rita is trying to drown out the pain of the situation at least for a moment. She is supported by both fans and stars. Someone even appreciated this combination of circumstances with a plus sign. Like, now Dakota will be able to fully pursue a career and start writing hits that will tear everyone's soul. And besides, many say that it is better to learn about infidelity in the early stages than when it will already be much more painful and difficult to do something.

Recently, Rita Dakota and her friends flew to Berlin for a Justin Timberlake concert. In her microblog I posted a photo where she is surrounded by friends.

“The girls flew me to the city for one day, where no one knows me, where you can cry in a cafe and dance your pain out at concerts. May God grant all such friends. These acquired bonds are sometimes stronger than blood ties. Parents will leave one day, children will grow up. In the end, what else will remain in our life, except for friends”,

- the artist signed the picture.


Fans are waiting with bated breath for every post of Rita on social networks. Of course, opinions were divided.

“I believe that such a strong woman as you will have everything! And love and family and no matter with whom and how! Nobody has the right to condemn your choice! Your listeners are always with you, in any situation!”, Fans support Dakota.

However, there are those who condemn the singer's public statement about parting: "The woman humiliates herself with this, saying that her husband is cheating on her, a clever and beautiful woman."

The third party does not believe in what is happening at all and is sure that this is PR: “I think that everything is not the way Rita presents us, we watched their relationship on the net for so long, a lot of photos, all the time together, vlogs, and everything turned out to be not true, I just can't believe it now, pure hype!"

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