90s Supermodel Romances We Forgot About

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90s Supermodel Romances We Forgot About
90s Supermodel Romances We Forgot About

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Supermodels who made themselves known to the whole world in the nineties are extremely curious to watch today. But it is no less interesting to remember what was happening in their lives then, at the peak of fame. Who did they meet? To whom did you return home after endless filming and screenings? We will tell (and show) below.


Cindy Crawford and Richard Gere

For 20 years now, Cindy Crawford has been happily married to businessman Randy Gerber. The spouses look so harmoniously next to each other that it is hard to believe that once they were not together. But this is so: at the dawn of her career, the future top model had an affair with Richard Gere, and then she married him altogether. It happened in 1991, 4 years after the start of the relationship of the star couple. At the time of the wedding, Cindy was 25 years old, and Richard was already 42. It was a significant age difference, as Crawford later admitted, that ruined their marriage. And also Gere's unwillingness to see a young wife as an independent person, who does not need to be constantly guided and taught, led to the divorce. But still, for 4 years, the union of a model and an actor delighted fans and journalists. Whatever one may say, but the lovers looked together very effectively!

Claudia Schiffer and David Copperfield

In the 90s, Claudia Schiffer had an affair with the illusionist David Copperfield. This relationship of the model seemed no less mysterious than the profession of her chosen one. The fact is that many fans doubted the authenticity of the feelings of celebrities for each other: there were rumors that they were dating only for the purpose of PR. However, the top model and the magician have been together for too long to believe that their union is fictitious. In 1993, the lovers decided to get married, but it never came to a wedding: in 1999, Claudia and David decided to leave. And 3 years after breaking up with her fiancé, the beautiful blonde married director Matthew Vaughn.

Kate Moss and Johnny Depp

In the mid-90s, everyone talked and wrote about their novel. Still: such a colorful, sexy and emotional couple had to be looked for! When the model and the actor appeared somewhere together, it was hardly possible to take their eyes off them. In short, the union was truly magnetic. Photos from the joint filming of ex-lovers are still surfing the net and evoke violent emotions even among those who did not find this couple in the days of their former passion. And passions boiled just right: Moss and Depp did not disdain public scandals and violent reconciliations, openly expressed feelings for each other, could, in a fit of a quarrel, destroy a restaurant or hotel room They were called “a couple of a decade”, and it is still a little strange that this story love is still over. Depp himself sometimes admits that he does not fully realize how it happened that he and Moss once broke up.

Naomi Campbell and Mike Tyson

Naomi Campbell has an impressive track record, and remembering all her affairs is not so easy. But some of the top model's novels were so vivid that we still remember them. It is in this category that the alliance of the “black panther” with the famous heavyweight boxer Mike Tyson belongs. The stars met in the late 80s at a party with a mutual friend and immediately liked each other. Their romance developed rapidly and just as quickly came to an end. But, one way or another, it became a bright flash in the personal history of each of the participants.

Kyle McLachlan and Linda Evangelista

Linda stole the handsome Kyle McLachlan from actress Lara Flynn Boyle, with whom he played in the acclaimed TV series Twin Peaks. Their relationship began in 1992 and lasted for 6 years. The couple even wanted to get married. The lovers experienced a lot of joys, but troubles also peeped into their home: unfortunately, it so happened that they lost a common child. To support his beloved, Kyle abandoned his job and devoted himself entirely to Linda.But the obstinate top model was always in search of something better, and in the late 90's it suddenly seemed to her that this “best” is hidden in the athlete Fabien Barthese. Having brutally abandoned McLachlen, who was in love with her, Evangelista went to the French footballer, with whom she was together until 2002.

Milla Jovovich and Luc Besson

This love story began simultaneously with the filming of the legendary film "The Fifth Element". Not getting the main role right away, Milla still won the right to play the alien Leela, conquering the famous director after the official casting was over. As a result, the actress won the maestro's favor not only professionally, but also personally. In December 1997, shortly after the release of the film on the big screens, the director and his newly minted muse got married, and then Jovovich, predictably, began to appear in all of her husband's films. But the marriage was doomed to failure, and in June 1999 the couple filed for divorce. Now the celebrity is happily married to another director, Paul Anderson. They got married in August 2009, 7 years after the start of their relationship. The couple has two daughters - 10-year-old Eva and 3-year-old Dashiel.

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