Who Is Kim Kardashian And Why Is She So Popular

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Who Is Kim Kardashian And Why Is She So Popular
Who Is Kim Kardashian And Why Is She So Popular

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Kim Kardashian is a famous American actress, fashion model, singer and TV star. She was born in Los Angeles in 1980 to the family of lawyer Robert Kardashian. By origin, Kim is half Armenian, has Dutch and Scottish roots.


Her childhood was spent in Beverly Hills. While still in school, she started working for her father's company, which was engaged in music advertising. The girl became especially popular after participating in the TV shows "Dancing with the Stars" and "The Kardashian Family", as well as due to some of her actions that people admire.

She is not ashamed of her body

Kim, by nature, is inclined to be overweight, but she has never been shy about it. The girl learned to properly demonstrate her dignity, that everyone admires her figure. She only wears tight-fitting dresses with a deep neckline and tight pants, showing off her notorious 85-67-99.

On the Internet, people are constantly discussing whether Kim has real buttocks or insertable implants. In order not to make excuses, Kim took an X-ray of the priests and showed it in front of the camera. However, she does not deny that she has cellulite. Kim eats burgers revealingly, proving that you don't need to limit yourself to anything, but just love your body.

Kim today is a trendsetter for women with large forms.

She knows exactly what she wants in life

The girl never hid her desire to become famous. Glory came to her after posting an intimate video on YouTube, which was posted by her ex-man Paris Hilton.

In addition to Kim, Ray J became the hero of the video. This recording has been surfing the Internet for a long time and has gained thousands of views. At first, Kim denied that the video was real. Later she filed a lawsuit against the company that tried to distribute it, which confirmed the authenticity of the recording.

Makes money out of thin air

Kim's Twitter account alone brings in huge amounts of money. On one mention of her name on the social network, the fashion model earns $ 10,000. Together with this, Kim and her sisters opened a chain of boutiques around the world, released their own clothing line called "Bebe" and perfume fragrance "Kim Kardashian". Even the wedding with basketball player Chris Humphries Kim used to her advantage. At the celebration, the couple earned about $ 18 million.

Kim was married three times. Now she, together with rap artist Kanye West, is raising four children.

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