How The Companions Of Famous Men Broke Their Lives

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How The Companions Of Famous Men Broke Their Lives
How The Companions Of Famous Men Broke Their Lives

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On February 25, 2019, Igor Malashenko, a well-known political scientist and TV journalist, one of the founders of the NTV company, and the husband of the controversial journalist Bozhena Rynska, passed away. Who is to blame for his death?


The successful career of Igor Malashenko is entirely the work of his own hands, this man truly "made himself", having achieved everything from scratch. And his departure at 64 - and even, according to some information, voluntary - plunged everyone who knew him into confusion.

However, Bozena's Facebook posts clarify a lot: the widow persistently blames Igor's ex-wife for Igor's death. According to Bozhena, Elena Pivovarova deliberately and systematically brought Malashenko to suicide.

Bozhena constantly published posts on this topic, talking about the persecution of Igor by his ex-wife and daughters, who shamelessly used Malashenko's accounts and his real estate, pouring dirty slander on him at the same time. The ex-wife frankly wrote that she plans not to divorce Igor and to sue him all the property: they say, it is enough to shake his nerves for three years, and "he will give up the ends himself." Note, however, that the social media campaign launched by Bozhena looks like a persecution itself …

Unfortunately, a woman can become for a man both a guardian angel, muse and inspiration, and an evil genius. There is plenty of evidence for both. Let's dwell on negative examples today.

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard

After co-filming in The Rum Diary, Johnny Depp lost his head because of the beautiful blonde Amber Heard. He left Vanessa Paradis, with whom he lived in a civil marriage for 15 years and who bore him two children, and threw himself headlong into a new relationship.

The novel developed, and Depp's career was rapidly collapsing. All projects with his participation during that period became a failure. The marriage, concluded with Amber in 2015, was short-lived. It was no secret to anyone that Amber's goal was Depp's money and connections, and not at all himself. After the blonde got her way, she filed for divorce, accusing the actor of alcoholism and beatings.

As alimony, she demanded from Depp 50 thousand dollars a month, then changing the requirements for several million at a time. Johnny has become practically an outcast for both friends and directors. And Amber Heard tackled the next victim - the famous engineer and billionaire Elon Musk. She managed to turn his head so much that during a quarrel, when Amber left him, the billionaire fell into depression and could not do business, having lost huge profits.

Chris Humphries and Kim Kardashian

Basketball star Chris Humphries met Kim Kardashian, fell in love with a cool-headed beauty and proposed to her. She agreed. The wedding became the event of the year, and then outright manipulations began on the part of Kim. The guy sincerely did not understand what was happening, and Kim, having played enough, filed for divorce - all this was a game for the audience, stirring up interest in her person.

The inconsolable basketball player missed training and lost his form, and with it, fabulous fees. A well-known club terminated the contract with him. He began to play in other clubs, but we are no longer talking about previous successes - the level dropped to a critical one. Kim quietly married rapper Kanye West and gave birth to three children. Now the wayward beauty is his headache.

Thomas Anders and Nora Balling

Having conquered the world with their sweet-voiced disco songs in the 80s, the members of the Modern Talking duo Thomas Anders and Dieter Bohlen fell out and broke off their cooperation, being at the very peak of their careers.

And the culprit was the woman Thomas married - Nora Balling. She in every possible way interfered with their creativity, interfered with the work, manipulated Thomas, and then completely wanted to become a member of Modern Talking.The authoritarian Nora completely subdued Thomas, making him henpecked. Naturally, Dieter Bohlen was very unhappy with this. Their quarrels became more frequent, and soon came to a break.

Ambitious Nora was confident that she could provide her husband with a solo career. But this venture failed - apart from Dieter Bohlen, nobody was interested in Thomas Anders. Finally, tired of the total leadership of his wife, Anders divorced Nora. This happened after 15 years of marriage. But his former success never returned to him - there was only nostalgia for the times when he and Dieter were friendly and successful.

As for Nora Balling, she now leads a secluded life in a small German resort town. It is known that she sometimes appears at golf tournaments - her sister participates there.

Victor Rybin and Natalia Senchukova

In the 80s of the last century, Viktor Rybin, together with Sergei Kataev, founded the Dune group, whose repertoire included simple and funny songs - for example, "Land of Limonia", "Hello from a big hangover" are still remembered today. The group quickly became popular, the guys toured a lot, their videos did not leave the TV screens …

The beginning of the end was the moment when Viktor Rybin met the young dancer Natalia Senchukova. The girl began to go on tour with the group, and then - and go on stage, perform songs. The members of the group did not like it, and in a few years the composition of the group has completely changed.

Viktor Rybin began to sing a duet with his wife, but he could not come close to the level of his former popularity - "Dune" quietly died. Natalia is still considered the destroyer of Rybin's career, but the couple themselves look quite happy. They periodically release new songs - now they call themselves the Rybsen duet.

For example, those who are interested in their work are familiar with such compositions as "Battle for Love", "Chatting on Noses", "A Piece of Ice Cream", "Spanish Lessons".

Mel Gibson and Oksana Grigorieva

The Russian pianist started with Timothy Dalton - turning the head of the former "James Bond", she even gave birth to his son. The next on the list of ambitious Oksana Grigorieva was Mel Gibson. Carried away by the beauty of Oksana, he left his wife and seven children and began to live with her in a civil marriage. Oksana gave birth to his daughter, and then accused him of beatings and through the court obtained a ban on approaching her and her daughter.

Mel Gibson became a “handshake” in the world of cinema - public accusations and complaints from Oksana played a role, most of his friends and colleagues turned away from Mel, they stopped filming him.

My career has almost come to an end. Gibson pays alimony for her daughter to Oksana - according to various sources, from 20 to 60 thousand dollars a month. In addition, he maintains a rather large house in Los Angeles, where Oksana and her children live. Recently, Oksana is increasingly seen in the company of Jimmy Hoyson - a sound engineer, her old friend. There is information about her pregnancy.

Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love

A statement by one of the detectives who was investigating the death of the creator of the cult group Nirvana, Kurt Cobain, was leaked to the press: he almost openly said that the famous singer and part-time wife of Kurt, Courtney Love, could become the customer of the murder of the musician. However, the official version says about suicide. However, the investigation has so many questions that the case has not been closed so far.

Even if Courtney did not order the murder and it was suicide, then she could well be charged with driving to suicide. According to friends, his wife imposed a ban on all of Kurt's accounts for himself - he could not spend a cent of the money earned, but the singer herself “gutted” his savings with might and main, buying clothes from the most expensive brands and flying by private jets. Constant vigilant control and dictatorship led to Kurt's severe depression, from which he could not get rid of. The result is known to everyone.

After Kurt's death, Courtney Love never married again.In 2004, she was admitted to a psychiatric clinic after a failed suicide attempt while under the influence of drugs. Then the singer was 40 years old. She was forcibly treated, after which, according to her, she no longer touches drugs. Kourtney maintains her Instagram page, regularly informing fans about the latest events in her life. Her interests include Buddhism, feminism and protection of the rights of sexual minorities.

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