4 Dumbest Celebrities In Russia

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4 Dumbest Celebrities In Russia
4 Dumbest Celebrities In Russia

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Being famous is also a big responsibility, including for your words.


The tongue shows the contents of a person's head. But some stars, apparently, forgot to tell it and they proudly flashed their intelligence.

4.Sergey Lazarev

Psychoanalysts from the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences have found that Sergei's IQ ranges from 55 to 60 points. Recall that the average intelligence level of Russians, according to researchers at the University of Ulster, is 96 points.

3. Dmitry Bilan

As soon as Dima opens his mouth and begins to pronounce the words, the audience begins to feel anxiety that the intellect begins to leave them. In Bilan, what is not a phrase is a masterpiece.

"If I get married, it will most likely be a woman," - Dima Bilan

2. Vitali Klitschko

Looking into tomorrow, Vitaly literally blew up the Internet. A rare person has not heard about the boxer's famous statements, which can break the logic of even the most savvy spectator. And how many Klitschko gave rise to discussions and funny pictures, and some bloggers even created full-fledged music videos based on Vitaly's speeches, which, by the way, are not bad enough.

1. Olga Buzova

While Olga dreams of living in Manhattan, licking her plates at the same time, the last surviving brain cells of the "blockade" make a daring escape. From time to time, Olga shows herself from a not very smart side on various TV shows.

"She's just like a real child," said Buzova, looking at the baby.

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