I'm Afraid Of Getting Old

I'm Afraid Of Getting Old
I'm Afraid Of Getting Old

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Actress Yulia Vysotskaya in her YouTube show "I like it!" admitted that she kindly envies European women. The reason lies in the fact that they are simpler than women in Russia to relate to their age. As the wife of 82-year-old director Andrei Konchalovsky said, Russian women are afraid of losing their attractiveness. She gives them, according to Yulia Vysotskaya, certain advantages and a sense of social security.

As the star noted, all roads are open for young people in our country. Moreover, the older a person becomes, the more difficult it is for him to live. Sometimes they point a finger at him.

“Recently I visited a doctor, a homeopath. He asked: "What are you afraid of?" I called some things … and then I said: "I'm afraid of getting old",

- honestly said the actress.

As the director's wife said, French and Italian women are especially envious of her. As she thinks, they have some secret of how to remain attractive at any age. As the star noted, girls in these countries are not fixated, for example, in training in the gym, but they still have a sparkle in their eyes. Vysotskaya is sure that European women are not under pressure from men. The star believes that in Europe, ladies know how to grow old with dignity.

Note that Yulia Vysotskaya has been happily married to Andrei Konchalovsky for many years. They have two children. Son Peter and daughter Masha. The girl had a serious car accident several years ago. For some time the child was in a coma. Nothing was known about her condition to the general public. Parents do not like to talk about her health now. Not so long ago, Konchalovsky let slip that he has long been living for the sake of one goal. So that his daughter from Yulia Vysotskaya gets better as soon as possible. For this, he is ready for any sacrifices and trials.

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