We Don't Have A Penny: How The Crisis Hit Russian Stars

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We Don't Have A Penny: How The Crisis Hit Russian Stars
We Don't Have A Penny: How The Crisis Hit Russian Stars

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The coronavirus pandemic has reached almost all walks of life. Show business is experiencing grave consequences in Russia. And the point is not that many artists have already experienced all the hardships of the virus and pneumonia, but that due to the cancellation of all concerts, corporate events and events, our stars were left without earnings.

At the same time, they could not stand it for a long time without their fees. Particular attention was drawn to the cry for help from the artist Tarzan (Sergei Glushko). So, the husband of the singer Natasha Koroleva, complained about the lack of money during the period of self-isolation in the country.

He said that his fitness room was closed, and he canceled the lease agreement and moved the equipment to the dacha. Tarzan wondered why the authorities in the country think only about supporting pensioners and doctors, but forget about cultural figures.

"Unlike grandparents, who stay at home and receive their pension as well as receive it, we, artists, do not have a dime. Moreover, we will be the last to be connected to life, because this is a massive gathering of people," - complained Tarzan.

He noted that the people mistakenly consider the artists to be the richest people in the country and also require help from them:

“Not being able to earn a penny now, we now have such requirements: you pay for the doctors, sit here, with your faces there. And the fifth, tenth.

The people do not understand at all what the matter is. And we don't have a penny. And I repeat once again: the very last will be connected to life. So that's it. No business … ".

Producer will support

Tarzan's position was also supported by producer Joseph Prigogine, who said that artists and cultural figures in the Russian Federation are now below the poverty line.

"Artists found themselves in a terrible situation, especially young ones. Even the top ten most popular and sought-after stars are practically in poverty today, since they have all lost the opportunity to earn money and practically eat up what they managed to save up in their time …", - said Prigozhin.

At the same time, he noted that it will not be possible for stars to earn again soon.

"Not earlier than 2021 we will be able to return to concert halls again. Not earlier than six months later, viewers will be able to see the first performances of artists on the stage. And the audience will not immediately run to buy tickets. In addition, everything also depends on the epidemiological situation …", - he stated.

In addition, the producer explained that the artists also pay taxes to the state and in a difficult situation it must come to cultural figures for help.

Not enough for a communal apartment

But the artist Yuri Loza noted that the stars should have a "crap", but agreed that now the income is very tight:

"Here I only receive a pension of 12 thousand, which is not enough even for a communal apartment."

The trainer and general director of the Moscow circus, Edgard Zapashny, agreed that art workers are now in poverty, but this is not about the stars, but about ordinary musicians, dancers and others.

After such statements, the Russian authorities have already thought about the procedure for providing assistance to domestic artists.

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