How Monica Lewinsky Lives Now

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How Monica Lewinsky Lives Now
How Monica Lewinsky Lives Now

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In 1998, a scandal thundered all over the world involving Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky. After this incident, her name went down in history, and now she continues to conduct social activities. Rambler tells how Monica Lewinsky lives now.

Clinton-Lewinsky scandal

In 1995, the girl Monica Lewinsky got an internship at the White House, where she met the then-President of the United States, Bill Clinton. According to sources, their relationship began when the girl went to work at the Pentagon. However, their meetings took place in the White House and the Oval Office.

Clinton's exposure and trial took a very long time. At first, Clinton denied everything, but then Lewinsky provided evidence of their relationship: a dress with genetic traces of the president. Then he was impeached.

Years of silence

In 1999, Monica Lewinsky publicly apologized for being involved in this scandal. Clinton, contrary to media opinion, never did. If the president managed to restore his reputation thanks to his wife and connections, then Monica was doing much worse. She was unable to continue working in the government. In addition, the girl began to persecute in the media. Her personality became the subject of jokes and ridicule, so she was forced to hide and not show off her personal life.


Return and social activities

In 2014, Lewinsky broke the silence and released the essay Shame and Survival. In it, she said that she had led a reclusive lifestyle, and now she decided to take up the protection of people from cyberbullying. Lewinsky also shared that she has had psychological problems due to bullying, but has overcome them over the past few years with therapy.

Since 2015, she has been speaking at conferences and collaborating with various companies, where she gives lectures and trainings on bullying on the web and in the media. She was able to transform from a negative hero into a person with great experience and now shares it with other people.

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