Volochkova Finally Showed Her Chosen One

Volochkova Finally Showed Her Chosen One
Volochkova Finally Showed Her Chosen One

Video: Volochkova Finally Showed Her Chosen One

Video: Анастасию Волочкову подожгли в её новом клипе. Да-да! Она ещё и поёт! 2022, November

43-year-old dancer Anastasia Volochkova finally stopped hiding her new lover.

The queen of twine and the master of outrageous Anastasia Volochkova was no longer able to hide her new chosen one from the fans. However, in a new interview, she admitted: this is the sound engineer of the Nadezhda Babkina theater, singer Mikhail Borisovsky. According to Volochkova, last birthday, friends gave her striped socks with a hint of her romance.

I didn’t show my beloved’s face all these months, I posted only his striped socks on Instagram. She only hinted that my man's name was with the letter "M". Now I can tell that this is Michael. We have known each other for over 10 years. And he's a real man

- said in an interview with kp.ru Volochkova, simultaneously with the release of the interview, published the first ever portrait of the chosen one "face" on Instagram. Borisovsky was also present at the birthday party, which the artist celebrated in the company of Nikolai Baskov and Nikita Dzhigurda.

It all started three years ago. But Misha and I ourselves did not believe that our relationship would grow into something more. I'm comfortable with this person. When I flew from the Maldives, I was greeted by a bouquet of white roses, champagne with ice in the car. And on New Year's, my beloved gave me a ring with a ruby ​​and diamonds. I think I deserve this happiness and have the right to live as I like,

- the dancer is convinced. Wondering when it comes to wedding?

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