Lopyreva First Spoke About Pregnancy

Lopyreva First Spoke About Pregnancy
Lopyreva First Spoke About Pregnancy

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Back in October, there were rumors that FIFA Ambassador of the 2018 FIFA World Cup Victoria Lopyreva was in an interesting position. Reporters also managed to contact the ex-lover of the Golden Voice of Russia model Nikolai Baskov, who assured the public that after parting with his chosen one he had little interest in her personal life and did not know about Vicki's pregnancy.

Former lover of the model "Golden Voice of Russia" Nikolai Baskov assured journalists that he broke up with Victoria in January 2018. “Vika and I decided to remain friends back in January, we simply did not consider it necessary to report this. We periodically call up on the phone. We are always glad to hear each other, but I do not meddle in her personal life, and she in mine,”said Baskov.

Lopyreva herself preferred to remain silent, but in a recent interview, the model still spoke about her new lover, who, according to Victoria, is not a public person and is far from the world of show business. The socialite does not hide the fact that the new chosen one literally blows off the dust particles from her, fulfilling all her whims. “I have given many interviews in my life and often answered the question of what a real man should be like. She said that she was strong in spirit, intelligent and generous. I met this one,”the model assured.

The socialite for the first time confirmed the rumors about her interesting position, admitting that she would be glad to both the boy and the girl. “I’m not entirely“correct”pregnant at all, because the most difficult period was at the World Championships. Instead of listening to myself and being afraid of toxicosis, I, as a soldier, did my job as a FIFA ambassador. I didn’t want to advertise the pregnancy, it’s so intimate … Now I’m talking about it for the first time. But it became more difficult to sleep: the tummy already interferes. I don’t go in for sports, as before, but I walk a lot,”Komsomolskaya Pravda quoted Victoria Lopyreva as saying.

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