How And How Much Does Nikolai Baskov Earn

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How And How Much Does Nikolai Baskov Earn
How And How Much Does Nikolai Baskov Earn

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Where does the "golden voice" of Russia have so much money?

“It’s easier to sing: 40 minutes - and left, but sit for 6 - 8 hours…” - says Baskov. But he takes on everything, since both classes are to his liking, and he needs to earn money.

Good income allows him to spend more on good deeds. So, for example, all the proceeds from the sales of his latest album Basque donates to the Vera charity fund for helping hospices.

In the latest Forbes rating, Baskov's annual income was estimated at $ 6.5 million (442 million rubles). The Teleprogramma magazine figured out how Nikolay earns (approximate calculations).

Concerts from 1.5 million rubles

The Basque is a favorite of women, his concerts are always sold out. He skillfully maintains popularity by investing in music videos and shows. For example, the Basques spent about 2 million (155 million rubles) on the production of one of the concert programs. Even on tour in the Basque province, he tries to surprise, and not just go on stage with a microphone.

Reserves 50 thousand (3.8 million rubles)

The cost of an hour's performance or conducting an event with Nikolai is high - after all, a first-tier star. But if most artists have the hottest month - December, and in other months one or two events, then Basque is in demand all year round.

The richest and most cheerful weddings and anniversaries are not complete without Sharmanka. Basque knows how to improvise, get the most serious audience, sing, dance and have a party so that there is a line of people for his services.

“Thanks to corporate parties, we, artists, can do large-scale shows. I am my own producer - I am invited to expensive corporate parties, where the audience is civilized,”says the artist. There are orders every week, but when Basque gets tired, he can take a break.

Advertising contracts $ 2 million (136 million rubles) for each

Nikolai praises the juice of a popular brand dressed in funny children's costumes. Such advertising pays well. By the way, the interest of large advertisers to Baskov intensified after the shocking Ibiza video. Serious customers have decent offers.

Television 4 million rubles / month

The singer hosts the weekly show Saturday Evening with Nikolai Baskov, and also appears on the Russia 1 channel in Ogonyok and other special television projects. Baskov started his TV career in the first season of the current "House-2" (then a house was actually built there) and does not give up his positions on the TV screen. For an artist, it is not so much the royalties that are important as the airs on the federal channel themselves: for him, this is an excellent advertisement.

Business 500 thousand rubles / year

Recently, a lot has been written about the singer launching his own line of anti-aging cosmetics. It includes three drugs for women, the cost of the kit is rather big - 9990 rubles. But Nikolai is not the owner of the manufacturing company, but receives a percentage of sales.

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