Crazy Gifts Given To The Stars By Fans

Crazy Gifts Given To The Stars By Fans
Crazy Gifts Given To The Stars By Fans

Video: Crazy Gifts Given To The Stars By Fans

Video: Famous People Who Gave Their Fans CRAZY Expensive Gifts 2022, December

Fans who dream of the idol's attention flood him with postcards, bouquets, toys and sweets. But sophisticated stars cannot be surprised by such platitudes, so fans who are eager for an autograph or even a kiss from a celebrity have to come up with more creative presents.

1. Valery Leontyev was presented with a Great Dane puppy, which was disguised among the flowers in a bouquet. The singer left the dog, but asked the fans not to give him animals anymore. And from a French fan, Valery received a Mercedes.

2. An elderly fan from Ulyanovsk assigned an apartment to Philip Kirkorov. She even left the apartment and, although Kirkorov refused such an expensive gift, she did not come back, because she considered that the house no longer belonged to her.

3. Larisa Dolina received a yacht as a gift. True, it was not the connoisseur of her work that presented her with a present, but her husband.

4. For Irina Allegrova, the fans prepared an original surprise: they made a throne for the singer of the song "The Crazy Empress". The low throne was created from frosted glass for several months.

5. Nikolai Baskov was presented with a horse. Basque even christened him Bagration, but then sent the pet to a stud farm near Moscow.

Watch the video and find out who the fans have gifted the farm, the train car, and the mammoth tusk.

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