How Single Star Fathers Live

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How Single Star Fathers Live
How Single Star Fathers Live

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"This decision was given to me for a reason, I suffered through it, deserved it, and today I am happy and for this happiness I am ready to give everything that I have." Stories of domestic celebrities who replaced their children and father and mother. Some of them had to go through the loss of loved ones, and someone, wanting to start a family, deliberately went to unusual and unpopular ways in society.

A single mother is common. But single fathers are much less common. Today Anews will tell you about our stars who had to raise children without a mother.

Why couldn't Alexander Kalyagin marry again? Who is the mother of the children of Philip Kirkorov? And how did paternity help Dmitry Shepelev survive the death of his beloved?

Alexander Kalyagin. "The daughter will choose a new mother herself"

The star of the movie "Hello, I'm Your Aunt!" married in the second year of drama school. Another student, Tatyana Korunova, became his chosen one.

The young family turned out to be very loving and close-knit. Tatyana immediately put her husband's career in the foreground, adjusted the theatrical schedule to suit him and eventually quit her job to raise her daughter Xenia.



Unfortunately, the family idyll did not last long - Tatiana was diagnosed with cancer. Alexander took care of his dying wife as best he could, bought medicines, went to the doctors, but nothing could be done. At the burial site of Tatiana, the actor wrote: "Thank you for your generosity."

The mother helped the artist to take care of the four-year-old daughter, but a year later she died suddenly.

The heartbroken man decided to focus entirely on his daughter. He prepared Xenia on his own, took her to kindergarten, school, and managed to combine all this in an acting career.

Alexander basically did not want to associate his life with anyone. His friend Elena Nikolaeva recalls: “Kalyagin said - the daughter herself will choose a new mother for herself! Her word will be decisive!"

According to rumors, it was the daughter who invited Kalyagin to move in with a new friend - actress Evgenia Glushenko, whom Alexander met on the set of the film "An Unfinished Piece for a Mechanical Piano".



The choice of Xenia turned out to be successful - the new wife became a faithful companion to the actor for many years. In their marriage, a son, Denis, was born, and Kalyagin himself happily admits: "Zhenya is a saint, she is my rear."

Philip Kirkorov. "I am ready to give everything for this happiness"

The king of the Russian stage is ahead of his colleagues here too - he single-handedly brings up two children at once. They were born with a difference of 7 months - moreover, about the birth of his daughter, Alla-Victoria, Philip soulfully announced on November 26, 2011 at the Golden Gramophone award ceremony.

Son, Martin-Christine, was born on June 29, 2012. Both children, according to the artist, descended from surrogate mothers.

Philip says about the reasons for this decision: “2010 was a very difficult year for me. But all those problems, all my enemies and ill-wishers - they led me to the key thought: "I don't want to be alone anymore." And for that decision, I am ready to forgive everything to my enemies.

The method that I have chosen is not original. It has long been used by those who, for some reason, cannot have children. It's just that it is customary for us to keep silent about it, veil it, invent some photo models, which then dissolve in the air. But I am not a supporter of lies. And my children will know everything too.



Why two children? I just proceeded from my experience - personally, as a child, I really missed a brother or sister. And now, looking at how reverently my children treat each other, I understand that they will not be alone in this life, even if something happens to me."

The main difficulty in communicating with Philippe children is his touring schedule. However, the artist happily notes that, although the daughter and son are upset about his departure, they are not satisfied with hysterics: “They say 'we are waiting for you', we love you”.There is no negative, because of which I would leave with a heavy heart. On the contrary, I am traveling with joy, knowing that there is where and to whom to return."

Of course, the touring regime assumes that someone should look after the singer's children. The media here single out two women. One of them is the artist's paternal aunt, Marie Kirkorov. She spends a lot of time with the children, but she assures that these worries are not at all a burden: “Philip gave us such a gift.

He gave oxygen to me, Bedros (the singer's father). And he just flies, he began to live in a different way. Now Alla-Victoria and Martin have moved out of town with me. I write to him about children every moment - daddy is interested in everything. If there is no news from me for half a day, he sends messages with question marks. Returns to Moscow - immediately rushes to us. And it happens, and we go to him."

The second woman is the godmother of Alla-Victoria Natalia Efremova.



However, these rumors, even at the birth of the girl, were denied by Nikolai Baskov: “The child's mother is an American. Philip decided not to mess with Russian women. Now both the baby and the mother are in a prestigious American maternity hospital. In the very near future, Philip will fly to them. We already have a king who we all hope will bring up a real princess."

Be that as it may, it seems that Philip Kirkorov managed to organize everything properly and is now enjoying life: "This decision was given to me for a reason, I have suffered, I deserve it, and today I am happy and I am ready to give everything I have for this happiness."

Dmitry Shepelev. "Thank you for bringing order to my life."

One of the loudest tragic stories of recent years - the death of the singer Zhanna Friske - left her civil husband, TV presenter Dmitry Shepelev, alone with her two-year-old son Plato.

The first years of their lives were overshadowed by a conflict with the parents of the deceased singer - they accused Shepelev of stealing money collected for treatment, and also demanded that the child be handed over to them. Dmitry even talked about threats from Jeanne's father and turned to the police about this.

Perhaps for this reason, the TV presenter prefers not to make his relationship with his son public. He also limits Plato's relationship with his maternal grandparents.

“I saw Platoshka in May - for the first time in a year. Dima brought him to the circus performance, and we were called, - says Olga, mother of Zhanna Friske, in a public letter to her deceased daughter, - Plato recognized me. He got taller and thinner. Turns into a little man. And the haircut is like yours in childhood, only the back of the head is shaved. Grows smart and beautiful. You are very similar to him, just like two drops of water, even the intonations, the turn of the head are the same. Platosha repeats your gesture during a conversation - twists the right handle.

It is a pity that the meeting was short-lived - only fifteen minutes. I asked Platoshka to call me. “Okay, grandma,” he promised, but so far the phone is silent.”



Nevertheless, from time to time Dmitry still shares information about his son's life: “Plato has been attending an English school for a year and a half (since 2015). It is very important for me that he gets used to English from young nails. This year he has additional classes. Plato is engaged in gymnastics.

And all the more valuable and fulfilling are our weekends, when we can leisurely go to the pool together, have breakfast in our favorite cafe, and spend time alone. These are the happiest, warmest days for me."

Dmitry says that communication with his son comforts him - after all, in Plato he sees the features of his deceased beloved: “An interesting coincidence: recently my son and I had dinner in a cafe, where we often used to be with Zhanna. And for dessert, he chose carrot cake from a variety of options. "Delicious?" - I ask. "Very!" "Do you really like?" "Yes!" So, not knowing himself, he chose Jeanne's favorite dessert in this cafe. Of course, I told him about it."

It looks like father and son are quite happy in their little world. Dmitry's posts about this on instagram, albeit infrequent, cause real emotion in the audience.Be it a short video with the caption "happiness"

… or a heartfelt story about what is most important in life:

“Probably every parent went through this: tickets were bought, a hotel was booked, invitations were prepared for some Disney, Lego or any other land.

One day before departure. Or even better: the night before departure and the temperature. And instead of a flight - a taxi to the pharmacy, and instead of cotton candy - Panadol. I've encountered this three times already. And every time on the eve of the trip.

The son once said: "Let's not cancel, let's just postpone it." How wise he is! I never cease to be amazed at him.

Thank you, I tell him. For what? For bringing order into my life. Your order. When everything happens at the wrong time, but when it really needs to be! And for the happiness, of course, thanks too. Absolute happiness - it doesn't matter, in Legoland or with a cup of raspberry cough tea."

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