Not A Verdict: Celebrities Who Beat Cancer

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Not A Verdict: Celebrities Who Beat Cancer
Not A Verdict: Celebrities Who Beat Cancer

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The number of people with cancer is growing daily, and even stars are not immune from cancer. However, there are those who managed to overcome a terrible disease.

Darya Dontsova

In 1998, the writer was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer. Dontsova did not believe in a happy outcome, but relatives convinced her not to give up. The star went through four difficult operations and 18 courses of chemotherapy before the disease receded.

Emmanuel Vitorgan

Until the last moment, the actor did not know that he had lung cancer. His wife Alla Balter, having learned about the terrible diagnosis, decided to hide the problem from her husband and persuaded all the doctors to say that Vitorgan was going to have an ordinary ordinary operation. Thanks to the support and love of his wife, Vitorgan managed to defeat the disease.

Alexander Buinov

Upon learning that he had prostate cancer, the singer took the news surprisingly calmly and even with humor. After removing the tumor, he even said: "Something was cut off to me, but still I have complete order in the male part." The operation was followed by a rehabilitation process, but even then the artist did not leave the stage. It also happened that the injections were given to him a couple of minutes before the start of the performance.

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