Actor Of "Real Boys" Spoke About Betrayal

Actor Of "Real Boys" Spoke About Betrayal
Actor Of "Real Boys" Spoke About Betrayal

Video: Actor Of "Real Boys" Spoke About Betrayal

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The star of the series "Real Boys" Anton Bogdanov admits that there is no more room in his life for a serious relationship. After the betrayal of his ex-wife, he no longer wants to start an affair with a sequel.


Anton Bogdanov studied at the Perm Institute of Culture, when, together with his best friends Stanislav Tlyashev and Vladimir Selivanov, he passed the casting at the Comedy club. A trio called the Sex Pistols instantly gained popularity - young people performed at all major events in the city. After that, there were shooting in the serial film "Real Boys".

Anton married his longtime lover Pauline. Before marriage, the couple lived together for eight years. The girl gave the artist a son Demyan.

With the rise in popularity of the sitcom, the tension between the lovers grew. While Bogdanov was at work, his wife had an affair with his best friend.

"Polina rarely saw me. We sometimes went on tour for 1.5 months. Well, there were infidelities, of course. She was left alone with a small child in a rented apartment. And there was a classic case: she fell in love with another, my friend Stas Tlyashev. was it possible to survive the betrayal of two loved ones at once? Polina herself told me during a quarrel that she already had Stas. For two years we fought, tried to forgive the betrayal, But everything was already going to break up, "the actor said.

In 2014, Polina left the actor and moved to her lover. Soon the girl became pregnant. The situation was complicated by the fact that Bogdanov and Tlyashev had to work together on the set of "Real Boys".

"At first, we didn't even shake hands with each other. But we worked together. Then we agreed. They officially formalized the marriage, we began to get wiser and realized that everyone needed to grow up, because Demyan had already begun to understand something. We are now great.", - said the celebrity in the studio of the program "The Fate of a Man" on the TV channel "Russia 1".

As a result, Bogdanov managed to come to an agreement with his ex-wife. The girl allowed him to take their common son to Moscow, now the boy lives with his father. The star admits that the main thing in his life is a child and work.

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