Celebrities Who Recognized Illegitimate Children

Celebrities Who Recognized Illegitimate Children
Celebrities Who Recognized Illegitimate Children

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Not every man who has a child on the side admits this. What can we say about public people who are constantly in the spotlight. However, these star fathers plucked up courage and recognized the emergence of illegitimate children.

1. Actor Valentin Gaft in his youth had a short love affair with the artist Elena. After the end of the relationship, she gave birth to a son, but she did not inform Gaft. The actor found out that he was growing up an heir when the boy was 3 years old. Soon, Elena and her son flew to Brazil, so Valentin Gaft saw his son when he was already 40 years old. Valentin Iosifovich and Vadim immediately found a common language.

2. Vladimir Kuzmin found out that he has a daughter in 2013. The girl's mother spent only one night with her beloved singer, but became pregnant. Vladimir treated the news very well and received a relative with open arms.

3. Sergei Bezrukov was married to Irina Bezrukova, but they did not have common children. In 2013, there were rumors that after an intrigue with an actress from St. Petersburg, Sergei became a father. Neither the actor himself nor his wife commented on this matter. A couple of years later, this marriage broke up, and Sergei married director Anna Matison. In this family, he had a daughter, and after that he publicly admitted that he really has another daughter and a son, who appeared outside of marriage.

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