Oksana Fedorova Put On A Transparent Bikini Suit

Oksana Fedorova Put On A Transparent Bikini Suit
Oksana Fedorova Put On A Transparent Bikini Suit

Video: Oksana Fedorova Put On A Transparent Bikini Suit

Video: Micro Bikini swimsuit #26 2022, December

The TV presenter allowed herself such a revealing outfit that fans are shocked.

Oksana is not one of those stars who become heroines of the gossip column due to "naked" dresses or candid pictures without underwear. On the contrary, having a gorgeous figure, the presenter rarely demonstrates it. She only appeared in a swimsuit once and most often prefers elegant outfits, for example, floor-length dresses or suits, and very rarely wears a mini. For many women, Fedorova is a model of style and an example of how to look sexy without being naked.

The star traditionally spends summer in Sochi, where, as usual, she walks the outfits of her own brand. Imagine the surprise of the fans when instead of another shot from the coast, Fedorova, in a flowing dress, posted a video on the network, in which she appeared in a white transparent suit and a black bikini.

Pants and top are made of the finest chiffon, almost completely transparent and it is simply not possible to hide anything under such a fabric, especially a black swimsuit. Therefore, the fans were able to see the figure of Oksana and praise her for the fact that in her 40s, she is still Miss Universe.

But some were unhappy with Fedorova's wardrobe, called such a combination of white and black bad taste, and even compared it to a protective suit against mosquitoes.

The presenter's fans quickly put the haters in their place, explaining that on the beach such an image and a duet of colors are quite acceptable, and Oksana is elegant as always, even if everything is visible through the fabric. And unlike many stars, she knows how to emphasize the merits, and hide the shortcomings, not like some recognized beauties in Hollywood.

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