Why Valery Meladze Married The Same Woman 2 Times

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Why Valery Meladze Married The Same Woman 2 Times
Why Valery Meladze Married The Same Woman 2 Times

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The debut song "Don't disturb my soul, violin" brought all-Russian fame to Valery Meladze. For the first time he performed this composition in the early 90s. To the great regret of the singer's fans, even then their idol was not free. Back in 1989, he married his classmate Irina Malukhina. Meladze divorced her twice.

The first reason for divorce

Despite the fact that Valery Meladze graduated from a music school in piano, he did not intend to become a musician at all. He chose a shipbuilding institute, where his older brother Konstantin, the author of most of the songs from Valery's repertoire, also studied.

In the same university in 1986, Valery met his future wife Irina Malukhina. They did not have what is called love at first sight, at least from Irina's part. In general, as the woman confessed to the "Teleprogram" publication, at first she decided that Meladze was absolutely not her person. However, getting to know Valery better, Irina changed her mind. Malukhina was looking not for a lover for one night, but for a faithful husband and potential father.

Despite the fact that Irina was absolutely not in love with her fellow student, she decided to marry in full confidence that feelings would come later. And the feelings really came. After 3 years, Meladze and Malukhina signed. Even then, Valery, together with his brother Konstantin, began to seriously think about a musical career. The family did not have enough money, so the wedding was organized quiet and modest.

The following year, 1989, the first-born of the Meladze couple was born. The boy was born prematurely, but the doctors assured the young parents that everything would be all right with him. Nevertheless, a few days later, contrary to the forecasts of doctors, the child died. This tragedy almost led to the divorce of the spouses. However, Irina and Valery found the strength to save the family.

It's all about registration

Over time, the wound healed. In addition, a year later, Irina gave birth to her eldest daughter Inga. And the work of the Meladze brothers turned out to be in demand, thanks to which they soon all moved to Moscow. The family finally has material wealth. True, Valeria was practically not at home, and his wife spent all day in complete solitude.

But Irina steadfastly endured all the hardships and did not complain about anything. She believed that such was her share. The woman had to make many concessions so that nothing prevented Meladze from fulfilling his dream. At that time, a serious obstacle to a successful career was the lack of a capital residence permit.

Therefore, secretly from everyone, Irina and Valery divorced, after which the singer entered into a fictitious marriage with a native Muscovite. It is clear that due to the fact that relations with a resident of Moscow were fake, Meladze continued to live with Malukhina. In 1998, the couple went to the registry office again.

Parallel family

Thus, the middle daughter of the Meladze couple, Sofya, and the youngest Arina, like the eldest Inga, were born in the legal, but already second marriage of their parents. It was because of the children of Malukhina that she did not decide for a new divorce from Meladze for a long time.

For the first time, Irina learned that her husband had been living in literal sense in two families for several years from Valery himself. The woman had long suspected that something was happening to her husband, but she could not admit that everything had gone so far.

The singer's chosen one, Alina Dzhanabaeva, the lead singer of the Viagra group, even gave birth to a son, Konstantin, from Meladze. Nevertheless, for almost 10 years, Irina and Valery could not decide on an official separation. Their daughters were too young to accept the situation calmly.

The couple stopped living together only in 2012, and divorced 2 years later.A few months after the court decision was made, Alina Dzhanabaeva gave Meladze her second son, Luka.

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