Kirkorov Scandalized On "Song Of The Year"

Kirkorov Scandalized On "Song Of The Year"
Kirkorov Scandalized On "Song Of The Year"

Video: Kirkorov Scandalized On "Song Of The Year"

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Russian singer Philip Kirkorov scandalized on the show "Song of the Year". StarHit writes about it.

According to the publication, the performer was late for the rehearsal of his numbers, and received a "reprimand" from the director of the event, Alexander Revzin. Kirkorov did not restrain himself and answered Revzin on the spot, and already behind the scenes once again expressed his displeasure. At the same time, the singer showed those around him a wonderful mood.

The portal notes that this is not the first conflict between Kirkorov and Revzin, a similar situation happened at the "New Wave" competition.

On October 30, the Russians named the best pop singers in Russia. The leader was Philip Kirkorov, 9 percent of the respondents voted for him. Also in the top three were Nikolay Baskov (8 percent) and Sergey Lazarev (6 percent).

In September, Kirkorov and Baskov took part in the recording of a song in support of President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko. The composition mentions the citizens of Belarus who “live on their own land” in “peace, love and harmony, together”. The chorus, as well as the title of the song, use a quote from Lukashenka, said during the president's message to the people and parliament in early August - “They don’t give their beloved”. Lukashenko himself is not mentioned in the composition. For a video clip posted on YouTube, the ability to comment, as well as to put likes and dislikes is disabled.

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