Soviet And Russian Actresses Who Became Victims Of The "green Snake"

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Soviet And Russian Actresses Who Became Victims Of The "green Snake"
Soviet And Russian Actresses Who Became Victims Of The "green Snake"

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Many domestic artists have drowned their careers and lives at the bottom of the bottle. But basically, it was a disease of the male half of the cinema. Women actresses were less concerned. But it did. Some of them found the strength to admit the problems and managed to get out of this "swamp". Someone did not succeed.

IA "Express-Novosti" will tell eight different stories of Soviet and Russian actresses, which ended in different ways. But it started the same way - with a glass of vodka on the table.

Tatiana Dogileva

Actress Tatyana Dogileva admitted that she began to aggravate from a young age. Allegedly, this made it easier for her to adapt to the profession. And then it turned out that without it there was no way. Health problems began to appear. And once the artist was barely pumped out.

Prolonged depression led to a psychiatric hospital, and it's good that my daughter was there all this time. She helped the actress overcome herself and admit that it is necessary to be treated. According to conversations from the environment of the actress, now Tatyana Dogileva is in a strong tie.

Larisa Guzeeva

Once the actress and now popular TV presenter quite unsuccessfully married the assistant director of the film "Rivals", in which she starred. The spouse turned out to be an alcoholic and drug addict, who put his wife on a glass.

This nightmare lasted seven years before Larisa Guzeeva realized that there was only one way out - divorce. Since then, she is "no-no" - and everything is in "chocolate" for her. Both externally and in a career.

Natalia Andreichenko

This actress, who gained fame from the very first roles, was also influenced by her husband. At least, it is believed that it was precisely because of the influence of the composer's spouse Maxim Dunaevsky that Natalya began to kiss the glass. Over time, it turned into a serious addiction with all that it implies. According to rumors, once a drunk actress even beat her own father, who was trying to take the bottle away from her.

No persuasion of her relatives to start treatment had any effect on her until she experienced clinical death. This was the first step towards a sober life. Since then Andreichenko has not drunk. True, in the cinema more than the most beautiful "Mary Poppins" is not seen.

Irina Tsyvina

After his death, the widow of Yevgeny Yevstigneev tried more than once to arrange personal happiness. She got married, got divorced, lost loved ones. Recently, her acquaintances were worried about the fact that the star of "cadetism" often leaned on brandy. Although the actress herself did not consider herself an alcoholic.

55-year-old Irina Tsyvina died unexpectedly in mid-spring of this year from cardiac arrest. And among the mass of versions of what happened, the harmful effect of alcohol on her health was also named.

Irina Senotova

Not so long ago, the Express-Novosti news agency reported that the star of Carmelita and Ranetok, Irina Senotova, was urgently taken to intensive care with a whole bunch of serious diseases, including cirrhosis of the liver.

In the case of this actress, there are no real facts of her alcohol addiction. Nobody saw her drunk. But when diagnosed with liver cirrhosis, the first thing that comes to mind is the effect of alcohol. But in this situation, we repeat, this is just the speculation of social media users who are worried about the fate of the actress.

Izolda Izvitskaya

One of the most beautiful actresses in Soviet cinema also fell victim to a hasty marriage in which her husband drank himself into drinking and dragged his wife along with him. Then the husband came to his senses and slammed the door. And the actress could not get out of this pool.

Her career was once beautiful, the ending of her life was terrible. Abandoned by her husband, having survived numerous troubles, she died of prolonged starvation against the background of chronic alcoholism, which she suffered in recent years. The body of the actress was found on March 1, 1971 in her apartment about a week after her death. She was only thirty-eight.

Ekaterina Vasilieva

The actress drank almost always. Alcohol and infidelity became the reason for the departure of the first husband. With their second husband, they were just drinking companions. And taking into account the poor heredity of the actress (her father drank heavily), over time, the habit of "pouring" grew into a real illness.

The artist tried to be treated, but medicine was powerless. Then the star of The Wizards, The Straw Hat and The Ordinary Miracle decided to seek salvation in faith. Ekaterina Vasilyeva came to the church, and later even got a job there as a treasurer. And sometimes she even acts in films. Today the problem seems to have receded. But too much time, health and roles were wasted at the feasts.

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