Why The Deceased Elena Mayorova Played With Fire

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Why The Deceased Elena Mayorova Played With Fire
Why The Deceased Elena Mayorova Played With Fire

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According to former colleagues of Elena Mayrova, the famous actress has always been characterized by inadequate behavior. And shortly before her death, Mayrova's mental state left much to be desired. That is why many of the artist's acquaintances claim that on that fateful August day in 1997, she simply “played too much”.

Firearms games

In one of her last interviews, dated at the end of June 1997, Elena Mayorova called herself “crazy”. But not only she herself believed so. Elena was considered strange even by her colleagues. And this is not surprising: sometimes the actress did absolutely illogical acts and said things that made goosebumps run down the spines of her interlocutors. So, once Mayorova, as part of the Moscow Art Theater, was traveling on a train on a regular tour. The performers, hot with alcohol, behaved noisily, so one of the passengers called the police. When the policeman entered the compartment, Mayorova grabbed a pistol from his holster and pulled the trigger. Fortunately, the bullet hit the ceiling. Another time, the car, in which Elena and several other artists were, was stopped by law enforcement officers. Mayorova again took possession of the weapon of one of the militiamen and, threatening them, shouted: "Don't walk around!" According to eyewitnesses, at that moment Mayorova's eyes were simply insane.

Fire games

But Elena Mayorova behaved really insanely on the set of one of her last films, the TV series "At Daggers". Despite the fact that in June of the same 1997 the actress confidently declared: "If you completely surrendered (to the role), then you are crazy!", She herself seemed to merge with her character. The director of the film, Alexander Orlov, said that once Mayorova asked to go home early. She told Orlov that her son was waiting for her in the apartment. Moreover, the actress named both the boy's name and age. Although everyone knew that Elena had no children. After suffering tuberculosis in childhood, doctors diagnosed her with infertility. At the same time, Mayorova's partners on the set noticed her unhealthy craving for fire. According to the scenario of the tape "On Knives", Elena was supposed to fall next to a lighted fireplace. The artist was warned that she was careful, but Mayorova seemed to deliberately fall closer and closer to the flame every time. In the end, the director had to put a man with a fire extinguisher near the fireplace.


However, Elena Mayorova was always not indifferent to the fire. Investigator E. Latash and journalist A. Sukhoverkhov claimed that 11 years before Mayorova's death she had already tried to set herself on fire. Then, to commit the act of self-immolation, the actress went out into the yard and doused herself with gasoline. She had barely managed to strike a match when a policeman ran up to her, miraculously found himself nearby. He stopped Mayorova. In August 1997, Mayorova managed to bring her plan to life, or rather to death. By chance or on purpose, but on that day Elena poured kerosene on her dress, and then she ran out of the entrance, engulfed in flames. Actress Tatyana Dogileva, with whom Mayorova was friends for several years, called Elena's act "a cruel game in relation to herself."

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