A Mixture Of Pity And Disgust

A Mixture Of Pity And Disgust
A Mixture Of Pity And Disgust

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The scandalous blogger Lena Miro commented on the message of the Russian actor Marat Basharov about reuniting with his wife.

The actor said that they lived with his wife for five years without a stamp in the passport, and divorced six months after they officially registered the marriage. Now they continue to live together again without a stamp in their passport.

Recall that the divorce took place on the initiative of Marat Basharov's wife, Elizabeth. She complained that her husband was beating her, and once broke her nose.


Lena Miro decided to express her opinion about what happened. According to her, before she could not understand the victims of domestic violence, they caused her feelings similar to a mixture of pity and disgust. Now Miro finally understands what motivates the victims who return to the torturers. They are not always exclusively villains, but can be gentle, kind, romantic.

“The woman is thrown from side to side: from the hated bastard to the best man in the world, whose loss is terrible. She lives in the hope that the bright side in her man will take over the bastard. So: he won't. The man who hits women has no bright side. The only thing he has is the mask of a good person, which he puts on when it is time to pat the victim on the head,

- explains Miro.

The blogger encourages victims to move away from those who hurt them.

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