How Did Russian Stars Manage To Lose Weight?

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How Did Russian Stars Manage To Lose Weight?
How Did Russian Stars Manage To Lose Weight?

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It is enough to look at the popular favorites - actresses and singers, who managed to "turn on" willpower and turn from "dummies" into slender beauties.


We have already written about some diets from famous personalities, and today we decided to add other interesting methods of losing weight to them.

Kefir diet of Larisa Dolina

To lose weight as the singer Larisa Dolina did, you need, firstly, to eat fractional portions, and secondly, to build your diet on kefir.

The 1st day of the diet is divided into 6 receptions of 6 boiled or baked potatoes without salt, adding 500 ml of low-fat kefir to them.

2nd day - the amount of kefir remains the same, a pound of low-fat cottage cheese is added to it. All - for 6 receptions.

3rd, 5th and 7th day - 500 g of any fruit, except for bananas and grapes, and again kefir.

4th day - 400 g of chicken fillet, boiled or steamed, plus kefir.

6th day - all day you can only drink mineral water without gas.

After a week of the diet, a week follows when you can eat as usual, only without fatty, sweet, baked goods, and also without carbonated drinks. And so all the time: a week of a diet, a week of just a healthy diet. Unless, of course, you want not just to get a slender figure, but to keep it.

Irina Pegova and her ban on tea and coffee

The secrets of beauty and harmony from the popular actress Irina Pegova are simple.


You should eat slowly, dine, for example, Irina advises a whole hour to feel the taste of each piece eaten. Serving size is no larger than the size of your fist. If you feel that you are hungry, try to "trick" your stomach by drinking a glass of water.

For breakfast, Irina prefers a couple of slices of yeast-free bread and some cheese. But even before breakfast, she always drinks a few glasses of water. After breakfast, a couple of hours later, the actress allows herself some fruits - they are better absorbed in the morning. Lunch for her is a salad of fresh vegetables. And for dinner, Irina often bakes a piece of lean meat or fish, adding a handful of vegetable side dishes.

And Pegova advises to give up tea and coffee altogether. With these drinks, you are tempted to eat something sweet. And besides, both tea and coffee dehydrate the body. Better to drink plain water.

Alexandra Bortich prefers small portions, cereals and vegetables

The famous actress Alexandra Bortich knows very well how to lose weight quickly: for filming in the film "I'm Losing Weight," the girl first gained a lot, specially absorbing buns and desserts, and then returned to her original weight.

So, for Alexandra, the main thing is to eat in small portions. The second rule is to refuse sweet, starchy and fried foods. For breakfast, Sasha usually eats a plate of some kind of porridge on the water, and for lunch and dinner she has baked fish, as well as vegetables and fruits.

Elena Stepanenko: water, water and more water

The ex-wife of the famous comedian Yevgeny Petrosyan, actress Elena Stepanenko, managed to lose weight almost three times. Her secret is simple nutritional rules that become complicated only when you understand: they need to be followed constantly, and not a week before an important publication.


So, the first rule from Elena Stepanenko is to eat 6 times a day. Second, the amount of food should fit in the palm of your hand. And most importantly, the actress advises to drink water between meals! Plenty of water - at least 2 liters per day.

Nyusha against sugar, for baked vegetables and fresh fruits

To regain her form, partially lost after childbirth, the singer Nyusha is actively involved in Pilates, and also adheres to certain dietary rules.

For example, she completely eliminated sugar from her diet - instead, she can eat a spoonful or two of honey. She removed Nyusha and all dairy products from the refrigerator, leaving only cheese.Finally, the basis of her diet is now vegetables - both fresh and baked.

Alexander Semchev - rejection of sauces and butter

The famous actor Alexander Semchev does not lag behind the fairer sex: he also made a firm decision to lose weight and achieved his goal. The actor was pushed to this by the onset of health problems, so getting rid of excess weight became a vital necessity for him.


Semchev independently studied special literature and selected a balanced diet. As a result, in a year he lost 70 kg of weight, turning from a charming fat man into a very attractive man.

So, the rules of nutrition from Alexander Semchev. First - down with everything sweet and fried. Products need to be boiled, baked or stewed.

Second, Semchev hardly uses oil and sauces while cooking. The actor's diet is based on lean meat and fish, supplemented with vegetables, as well as fruits. And finally, the actor completely gave up alcohol.

What do you think is the most effective diet from the stars? Are you ready to try them for yourself?

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