How Alcohol Ruined The Soloist Of "Ivanushki"

How Alcohol Ruined The Soloist Of "Ivanushki"
How Alcohol Ruined The Soloist Of "Ivanushki"

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The sudden death of the soloist of "Ivanushki International" Oleg Yakovlev shocked his friends and fans. The musician died when he was 47 years old. The official cause of his death was pneumonia. This disease was caused by cirrhosis of the liver.

The first to speak about his addiction was the producer Igor Matvienko in the program "Let them talk". Kirill Andreev's wife Lolita made the same statement. She said that alcohol was one of the reasons why Yakovlev left Ivanushki.

According to Lolita, the guys often fought because the musician was behaving aggressively. He provoked incidents on planes, trains and at concerts, he was given warnings. And then he decided to start a solo career.

As Yakovlev himself said in an interview, he was a late child. The age difference between his parents was more than 20 years, and he never saw his father. According to the musician, he himself never wanted children, but he himself has an illegitimate child in St. Petersburg. In 2001, he met Irina Dubtsova on the set of the video "Two bottomless oceans of eyes". According to some reports, they immediately liked each other, and the artists began a relationship. almost immediately, the lovers began to live together, but the romance quickly ended due to the complex nature of the singer.

In his solo career, Yakovlev did not grow together either. He wanted to stop being "little white from" Ivanushki ", and began to record solo tracks. As his friends said, at that time it was very difficult to promote on the market.

"Oleg was worried that after the noisy fame he was out of work. His songs were not taken on the radio. And hence the psychosis and breakdowns. He was very vulnerable," said Mikhail Igonin, the lead singer of the Na-Na group.

Many speculate that it was precisely the fact that he did not get the popularity he hoped for that aggravated his habit. All his problems in life pressed on him, and he, by virtue of his character, could not endure it.

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