Navka Showed A Figure In A Swimsuit

Navka Showed A Figure In A Swimsuit
Navka Showed A Figure In A Swimsuit

Video: Navka Showed A Figure In A Swimsuit

Video: Марина Тимофийчук (NAVKA) – Татанці – Х-фактор 10. Седьмой кастинг 2022, December

The figure skater continues to enjoy her vacation in the Maldives.

The past year was very productive for Tatiana Navka. She traveled a lot, toured, and also created a new ice show "The Scarlet Flower". After that, the athlete allowed herself to go on vacation to the Maldives. It is there that she is now resting with her husband Dmitry Peskov and daughter Nadezhda. The other day, the skater published a photo in which she was captured in a dress with ruffles. Due to the unsuccessful outfit, rumors spread that the girl was pregnant.

Navka did not comment on the speculation, but simply shared a video in which she poses in a swimsuit and a pareo. In the frame, the athlete walks along the coast and tries to show herself from all sides. “When it's just good,” she wrote. Fans were able to examine Tatyana's slim and fit body and make sure that she is not in an interesting position. Many could not resist and admired the physical form of the skater.

“Here is a decent image. No twine, lifting legs "," Dazzlingly good, our national treasure! "," A figure like a girl's! Super! "," I admire! It's so nice that we have such beautiful women!”, - the subscribers commented on the post. Recall that Navka has not only a four-year-old daughter, Nadezhda. She also has an 18-year-old daughter, Alexander, from her ex-husband Alexander Zhulin. The girl spends most of the time abroad, but she often sees her mother and is in a warm relationship with Peskov.


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