Navka Showed How Her Daughter Makes Music

Navka Showed How Her Daughter Makes Music
Navka Showed How Her Daughter Makes Music

Video: Navka Showed How Her Daughter Makes Music

Video: Татьяна Навка и Андрей Бурковский — «Music». Ледниковый период. (10.12.2016) 2022, December

The girl is learning songs from her mom's show.

The famous figure skater and Olympic champion Tatiana Navka loves her family and does not hesitate to share the happy moments of her personal life on social networks. Often a celebrity shows how her youngest daughter Nadezhda lives. The figure skater spares neither time nor money for the education and development of her daughter. The baby has a pretty busy schedule: modeling, drawing, foreign languages, music, reading. Nadia also goes in for gymnastics and figure skating. However, so far, judging by the words of Tatiana Navka, the girl does not get tired, but on the contrary, approaches any new business with interest. Today Tatyana Navka decided to show one of the music lessons to the subscribers of her Instagram page.

Fearless Hope !!!! Horror, did not even squeak !!! As the saying goes: An apple from an apple tree !!! Come to our Ruslan and Lyudmila today to see how mom does it # nadezhdapeskova # circgiieradze # supercircus # sochi

Recall: in 2010, Dmitry Peskov met Tatiana Navka. The skater then already had a daughter, Alexander, from her marriage to the coach, world ice dancing champion Alexander Zhulin. In 2010, the couple divorced. Alexandra continues to communicate with her father and even recently danced with him at a ball.

From Dmitry Peskov on August 21, 2014, Tatyana gave birth to her second daughter, Nadezhda. The lovers got married on August 1, 2015 in Sochi.

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