Stars Confessed In Connection With Criminals

Stars Confessed In Connection With Criminals
Stars Confessed In Connection With Criminals

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Russian celebrities have confessed to having affairs with representatives of the underworld The list of beloved crime bosses includes singers and a psychic.

Holiday romance between the singer Tatiana Ovsienko and then still married businessman Alexander Merkulov paused when Merkulov was detained for organizing an attempt on the life of a St. Petersburg businessman and his freedom was restricted for four years, writes. During his detention, Merkulov managed to divorce his wife, and Ovsienko supported him in every possible way, including selling an apartment to pay for the work of lawyers. Recently, the singer received a marriage proposal from Merkulov.

About the novel of a former member of the Tatu group Yulia Volkova with thief in law Gia Galsky became known in 2015. However, a year later, Volkova said that she was absolutely free, although some continued to see her with Galsky.

Participant of the show "Battle of Psychics" Nicole Kuznetsova announced an affair with the well-known crime boss Yaponchik (Vyacheslav Ivankov) and that they have a son. According to Kuznetsova, she knew Ivankov from childhood - Yaponchik was a friend of Kuznetsova's adoptive father.

Opera singer Maria Maksakova announced an affair with thief in law Vladimir Tyurin in 2010, the couple have two children. In the fall of 2010, Tyurin was arrested on suspicion of money laundering, and at this time Maksakova took the children and left her lover. Later, the singer accused Tyurin of the murder of her second husband, ex-Russian State Duma deputy Denis Voronenkov.

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