What Do The Daughters-in-law Of Pop Stars Look Like And How Do They Live?

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What Do The Daughters-in-law Of Pop Stars Look Like And How Do They Live?
What Do The Daughters-in-law Of Pop Stars Look Like And How Do They Live?

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The relationship between mothers-in-law and daughters-in-law is legendary. However, Valeria, Lera Kudryavtseva and some other celebrities were lucky: their sons chose worthy girls as their wives. Read about how the star daughters-in-law look and what they do in the new material WMJ.ru!

1/7 Artemy Shulgin and Natalia Korennaya

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2/7 Liana Shulgina (Volkova)

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3/7 Alena Presnyakova (Krasnova)

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4/7 Anastasia Tolstaya

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5/7 Dmitry and Inna Malikov, Anastasia Tolstaya

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6/7 Anastasia

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7/7 Anna Tolordava

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Liana Shulgina (Volkova)

In July 2020, Valeria's youngest son Arseny Shulgin made a marriage proposal to Liana Volkova, whom he had been dating for about eight months at that time. The cherished "Will you marry me?" flashed on one of the towers of "Moscow City" amid volleys of fireworks - the girl had no choice but to agree. A month later, the couple got married. After painting in the Kutuzovsky registry office, the newlyweds gathered eminent guests at the Soho Country Club, and the next day the families went to a barbecue. Having legalized the relationship, the lovers acquired luxurious apartments and began to prepare with might and main for the birth of their first child - their daughter will be born in the near future.

Valeria's daughter-in-law comes from a wealthy family. The girl graduated from the law faculty of the Russian Academy of National Economy and Public Administration under the President of the Russian Federation (RANEPA), but she is not going to work by profession. She has a younger sister, Alex, who recently turned 6. The girl is studying at the Evgeni Plushenko Figure Skating Academy Angels of Plushenko.

Natalia Korennaya

Valeria's eldest son Artemy Shulgin chose a girl a year younger than himself as his wife - her name is Natalya Korennaya. The couple met in Switzerland while studying at the university. The young man received three diplomas in sound design, IT technology and business management, and his chosen one studied as an event manager and psychologist. The lovers played a modest wedding in the summer of 2019. The groom's parents did not appear at the wedding ceremony - they learned about the celebration the day before and could not come.

You won't find Natalia's photos on Instagram. Newlyweds live a non-public life and leave the private outside of social networks. And yet, one day they were caught at the premiere of the romantic comedy "Imperfect Man" by Marius Weisberg. You must admit that Valeria's sons have equally good taste, because their chosen ones have a similar type - both short brown-haired women with charming facial features.

Alena Presnyakova (Krasnova)

In addition to the daughter of Mikhail Zemtsov, Klavdia, Christina Orbakaite has two sons - 29-year-old Nikita from Vladimir Presnyakov and 22-year-old Denis from Ruslan Baysarov. For three years now, the singer's first-born has been living a happy marriage with Alena Krasnova. The couple got married in the summer of 2017, and many still remember it. The dance of the newlyweds in the air, a cake decorated with hundreds of white roses and all the elite among the guests - you really won't forget this. From time to time, rumors about Alena's pregnancy appear on the Web, but each time they do not find confirmation.

Kristina Orbakaite's daughter-in-law received a decent education in one of the private lyceums in Moscow and at the Russian Academy of National Economy and Public Administration under the President of the Russian Federation (RANEPA). As a child, Alena studied at the ballet school of Alla Dukhova "Todes", and now she is fond of photo shoots and starred in advertising campaigns for fashion brands.

Anastasia Tolstaya

The son of the soloist of the group "New Gems" Inna Malikova Dmitry has been dating Anastasia Tolstaya for more than three years.Although the lovers are not married (at least there is no information to prove the opposite), they have a daughter named Mira. The couple could not keep the baby's birth secret for a long time and soon blabbed out. First, Anastasia shared with followers in the Stories of her Instagram account how she got into shape after giving birth, and then Dmitry posted a photo from her christening. Apparently, they became parents in 2018.

Anastasia is not only good-looking, but also smart. The girl graduated from the Russian University of Economics. G.V. Plekhanov with honors.


Lera Kudryavtseva prefers not to advertise her personal life. Fans of the TV presenter met her 30-year-old son from the drummer from the group "Tender May" Sergei Lenyuk Jean just a couple of years ago, and her 2-year-old grandson Lev was first seen in the summer of 2020. At the same time, she boasted of her “bombastic” daughter-in-law - a long-legged blonde named Anastasia. Young people do not have their own Instagram pages, so their photos can occasionally be seen on the TV star's account.

Anna Tolordava

As well as Lera Kudryavtseva, Larisa Guzeeva does not like her daughter-in-law. The son of the permanent host of the Let's Get Married program, Georgy Tolordava, married his longtime lover named Anna in the fall of 2018. The TV star regularly shares with her followers on Instagram photos of her son's beautiful wife and even calls her daughter.

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