Miro Pounced On Borodin: "Stupid, Deceitful Habalka"

Miro Pounced On Borodin: "Stupid, Deceitful Habalka"
Miro Pounced On Borodin: "Stupid, Deceitful Habalka"

Video: Miro Pounced On Borodin: "Stupid, Deceitful Habalka"

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Renowned blogger Lena Miro never tires of criticizing irresponsible stars who neglected basic safety rules during the spread of the coronavirus pandemic. Ksenia Borodina got it again for her trip to France in early March. Borodina argued that at that time the situation there "was not so difficult."

Miro caught her in a lie. The photo of the TV presenter is dated March 12, when 2876 cases of coronavirus infection were registered in France, 61 of them were fatal.

“On the day Ksenia flew to this country (March 7), 949 cases of coronavirus infection were registered there, 16 fatal cases. This is about the same as now - in Russia, only we have fewer deaths so far”.

And she offered to restore the chronology of events.

“On March 7, Borodin with a group of friends flies to celebrate his birthday in France, where already at that time there were - under a thousand infected and more than a dozen deaths. On March 11, WHO declares a pandemic. Borodin and his comrades continue their merry vacation, they do not rush to Russia, they hang out with might and main: in restaurants, in clubs."

Then she pointed out the validity of the claims against Borodina:

"When people ask Xenia absolutely fair questions, she calls them names and blatantly lies in her eyes." In confirmation, she quoted Borodin:

"You have stupid convictions !!! … When I flew there there was no such difficult situation there, there was not a single case at all."

The blogger is not shy in expressions, accusing Borodin of a devil-may-care attitude towards others and calling him “stupid and deceitful habalka”.

“At first, not giving a damn about everyone and everything, I flew to hang out in a country with an extremely unfavorable situation for the coronavirus, and when she returned, she blatantly lies in people's eyes. He also dares to offend them. He insults ordinary people who do not want to get sick, who are very afraid that their loved ones will get sick and die from the coronavirus."

Lena summarized her accusatory speech as follows:

“Just because they live by the principle: What should I do? Don't live?)) Yes, it's that simple: with two emoticons. They live as they want. Nobody is a decree to them. They hover over ordinary people, not feeling the ground under their feet."

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