Zavorotnyuk Owes Bailiffs 1.6 Million Rubles

Zavorotnyuk Owes Bailiffs 1.6 Million Rubles
Zavorotnyuk Owes Bailiffs 1.6 Million Rubles

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The lawyer of actress Anastasia Zavorotnyuk Viktor Pasternak said that his ward owes 1.6 million rubles as a performance fee. According to him, the celebrity tried to achieve a reduction in the amount before the bailiffs, but they did not meet her halfway.

Zavorotnyuk last year gave birth to a daughter Mila /

The fact is that many years ago the star took a huge amount on credit - 44 million rubles. She acquired land near the capital. Moreover, she received the money in foreign currency. However, then there was a sharp drop in the ruble exchange rate, and the star was in a serious debt trap. Only last year, she signed an amicable agreement with the bank. But the final point in this tangled story, as it now turns out, has not yet been put.

If Anastasia does not pay off the remaining amount of the debt by the end of September, then the bailiffs of the Troparevo-Nikulinsky district will do everything possible so that the actress cannot travel abroad.

According to the press secretary of the actress, Zavorotnyuk has not yet experienced any problems with the debt. She just doesn't have time at all to resolve the controversial issue. She brings up her daughter Mila, whom she gave birth to last year from a marriage with figure skater Peter Chernyshev, according to StarHit.

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