Valley Hides What Happened In Her Family

Valley Hides What Happened In Her Family
Valley Hides What Happened In Her Family

Video: Valley Hides What Happened In Her Family

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All summer, the media wrote that 62-year-old Dolina and her common-law husband Ilya Spitsyn, who is 13 years younger than her, allegedly broke up. The artist's former second husband also gave interviews and confirmed that the musician left the singer for another woman. But she continues to remain its director. Larisa Dolina herself refuses to comment on her personal life in every possible way. She only emphasizes that she is very happy with her daughter Angelina and granddaughter, they travel a lot, and she can hammer a nail herself.

Singer in the program "You Will Believe!" was very surprised when a journalist told her that she and Ilya Spitsyn can celebrate a porcelain wedding - for 20 years together … "A porcelain wedding for 20 years? Let's note in the family circle, we do not like to gather a lot of people on this occasion" … … She refuses to talk about Ilya at all. Recall that the actor and blogger Stanislav Sadalsky told about the separation of Dolina and Spitsyn in August: “Yes, they broke up some time ago,” he said. you know, money reconciles anyone. They have capital, why divide it? "And the ex-husband of the artist Viktor Mityazov, whom she abandoned 20 years ago for the sake of a young musician, also added" fuel to the fire. " He is sure that Ilya Spitsyn cheated on Larisa, and she kicked him out. Now he lives with a young woman and they supposedly have a common child.

"Both the musicians and the attendants tell me that Ilya has another woman who gave birth to him. And he seems to have a family there. The valley accepted this and, apparently, resigned herself. Before, she would not have done that. But now, apparently, does not want to radically change something in life ", - quotes Mityazov" KP ".

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