Celebrities With Special Kids

Celebrities With Special Kids
Celebrities With Special Kids

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In 2012, actress and presenter Evelina Bledans gave birth to a son, Semyon. Evelina learned that the baby had Down syndrome at an early stage of pregnancy, but decided to leave the child. Now Semyon is already 6 years old, and he is an active, inquisitive and sociable boy. Which of the stars brings up the same crumbs?

1. Irina Khakamada in 1997 became a mother for the second time: she had a daughter, Masha. Even during pregnancy, the girl was diagnosed with Down syndrome. Now Maria is already an adult girl who is in full swing preparing for the wedding.

2. Opera diva Anna Netrebko brings up her son Thiago, born in union with a colleague from Uruguay, Erwin Schrott. Thiago was born in 2008 and, according to Anna, was the most ordinary, albeit a little reserved child. At the age of three, the boy was diagnosed with autism. Despite the diagnosis, Thiago is quite adapted in society, he willingly communicates with both relatives and peers.

3. Composer Konstantin Meladze became a father for the third time in 2005, when his wife Yana gave him a son. By the age of four, little Valery was recognized by doctors as an autist, noting that the boy had a severe degree.

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