Vlad Topalov Defended Todorenko: "Leave The Fragile Girl Alone"

Vlad Topalov Defended Todorenko: "Leave The Fragile Girl Alone"
Vlad Topalov Defended Todorenko: "Leave The Fragile Girl Alone"

Video: Vlad Topalov Defended Todorenko: "Leave The Fragile Girl Alone"

Video: НОВАЯ КАРТА С СЮРПРИЗОМ В ПРЯТКАХ! (я обиделась и почти ушла из игры) Roblox Hide and Seek 2022, December

After the words about family violence to Regina Todorenko, some stars condemned her, others supported her. And although she apologized for her statement, the heated discussion continues, and Regina has already lost several advertising contracts. Vlad Topalov, Todorenko's husband, emotionally stood up for his wife.

He published a touching photo of his wife and son and confessed his love to them:

“I love you both madly! I will always be on your side for the whole world and with you against the whole world, no matter what it costs me. I will always support and will fight and protect you to the last drop of sweat. Because you are my everything! Because you are my son! And this is your own mother. Fragile, tender, vulnerable, young, honest, the kindest and, of course, like all of us, does not know everything in the world and may stumble."

He further stated that he would not allow anyone to insult and humiliate his family. Topalov stressed:

“I WILL ALWAYS BE ON YOUR SIDE! It doesn't matter if you are right or wrong…. we may be wrong, but I will always be a mountain for you! And at home we will figure it out."

Then he turned to all the critics of Regina Todorenko:

“And to you, the great minds of our time, orators, geniuses, inventors, scientists, professors, linguists, academics, who create so many new things every day and sit on sofas at home, I can only say one thing. If you have something to say, tell me already. Leave the fragile girl alone. She suffered enough and burst into tears in a day."

Vlad Topalov explained his harsh reaction to the comments of subscribers:

“Yesterday I answered a couple of you the way it was worth, maybe it was rude. But, unlike you, I am not a Saint. Therefore, when my family is insulted, I give a natural reaction. It’s our own fault! I hope that insulting me will become a little easier for you and you will be able to truly be proud of yourself! I am always open for a constructive dialogue, if such is at all possible with you))))) All the best))) and you have a wonderful day !!!"

Previously, Rambler wrote that Miro spoke about hypocrisy against Todorenko.

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