Why Regina Todorenko Denied An Affair With Vlad Topalov

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Why Regina Todorenko Denied An Affair With Vlad Topalov
Why Regina Todorenko Denied An Affair With Vlad Topalov

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In addition, Regina is also a singer, and she wrote many songs herself, and a designer, and also the wife of singer Vlad Topalov, with whom she is one of the most beautiful couples in domestic show business.

The relationship did not work out due to the employment of Regina

For a long time, Regina answered all questions about her personal life that she did not have time for this. But after all, the audience-fans are interested in who their idol communicates with in his free time! And in February 2016, people rushed to discuss the photo of their favorite in the company of a nice guy. It turned out that the stranger's name was Nikita Tryakin, he was a showman and producer, and that Regina had been hiding her relationship with him for a long time.

The fans were pleased: both Regina and Nikita had a sparkling sense of humor, were purposeful and demonstrated their creative nature with might and main, that is, they were perfect for each other.



Despite such similar characters, the couple still broke up after a while. Not every man is able to withstand such a schedule of his beloved as Regina's: either she goes around the world for 9 months, then she visits remote corners of the world during extreme trips, then she recovers in Bali

New fan? "Friend"? "Fan"?.

And in May 2018, the audience of "Heads and Tails" was excited by the news that their favorite presenter was dating the famous singer Vlad Topalov. The girl, however, was in no hurry to please fans with confirmation of the novel. Despite the frequent appearance of joint photos in her account, Regina got off with neutral comments, calling Vlad a “friend”, then a “fan”.

And only in the summer did the fans finally wait for an expressive picture that appeared in the accounts of Regina and Vlad: a ring on Regina's finger and the signature: "I agree!" Everything became clear and without detailed comments.

How Vlad Topalov was a "bad boy"

While still the lead singer of the Smash group, Vlad Topalov did not hide his lifestyle: he preferred to move in dubious companies, sometimes refusing to use illegal drugs. The singer has repeatedly talked about that period of his life in interviews. Fortunately, Topalov managed to cope with the harmful addiction. He matured, went into business, while continuing to appear on stage as a soloist, enjoying immense popularity among listeners.

Despite many rumors about his romances and weddings, Vlad was married only once before meeting Regina, and this marriage lasted only 2 years. His wife never gave birth to children, and he dreamed about it very much. As a result, the couple divorced, managing to maintain a good relationship.

How the love of Regina and Vlad crossed from stage to life

Vlad and Regina met while participating in the play "Put your wife in a pawnshop". There, a star presenter and a famous singer played the roles of spouses. The performance turned out to be somewhat prophetic for them.

As Regina later admitted, she was very surprised and touched by Vlad's attitude. From the very first meeting, he surrounded the girl with such care and attention that she could not help but fall in love. After all, Regina is used to leading the life of a strong woman - the one who is a "galloping horse". But it turned out - to be weak and tender is so pleasant

And so it happened that at the beginning of 2018, fans were still only making assumptions about what connects Vlad and Regina, and closer to the New Year it was time to congratulate the newlyweds on the birth of a baby.

Everything became clear after a photo from London

In fact, Regina Todorenko did not immediately admit to her subscribers her tender feelings for Vlad. Moreover, she denied the rumors that appeared about their romance. And then she took and left with Topalov for Baikal.Gossipers and fans to exaggerate rumors about the personal lives of celebrities were at a loss: so are they still dating or not?



Dots above the "i" were placed by joint photographs from London, where the lovers went on a romantic trip. And the next pictures only confirmed the seriousness of the couple's intentions: Regina clearly loomed a rounded tummy!

Despite the dizzying love and pregnancy, Todorovskaya did not stop working. By that time, she was already leading her own program - "Friday with Regina", which immediately gained millions of fans. In her show, Todorovskaya now and then touched upon the topic of motherhood - she talked, for example, about the difficulties of pregnancy with Polina Gagarina, who herself is a mother of two children.

Pregnancy was not easy for the TV presenter: she complained of swelling, sluggishness, poor health.For an active, impudent girl, accustomed to leading a super-active life (Regina managed to visit 98 countries!), This state of affairs was unusual and unnatural.

How Regina and Vlad confused everyone with the wedding

Still, there is an adventurous note in the character of Todorovskaya. How else to explain the confusion she made out of her own wedding? At first it was announced: the couple wants a magnificent and loud wedding, but since Regina is in position, they plan to postpone the celebration until "later" - when the baby is born.

And suddenly, at the beginning of winter 2018, it became known that the wedding took place back in October! And it was almost secret. And just a month and a half after this event, on December 5, 2018, the firstborn of Regina and Vlad was born.

We wish Regina and Vlad strong love and family well-being, the conquest of new creative heights, and their baby health!

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