Anastasia Stotskaya Told Why Kirkorov Terminated The Contract With Her

Anastasia Stotskaya Told Why Kirkorov Terminated The Contract With Her
Anastasia Stotskaya Told Why Kirkorov Terminated The Contract With Her

Video: Anastasia Stotskaya Told Why Kirkorov Terminated The Contract With Her

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When Anastasia Stotskaya - red-haired, charismatic, vociferous - just appeared on the stage, she was often compared to Alla Pugacheva. In addition, Philip Kirkorov himself took care of Nastya. Then all the media wrote about the novel of Kirkorov and Stotskaya, and now the situation is repeating itself. The fact is that Stotskaya's son is a spitting image of Philip, only small. And the older the boy gets, the more actively they whisper behind Nastya's back. To dot the i's, Nastya came to my studio and spoke frankly about her relationship with Philip Kirkorov.

You will be surprised, but Anastasia's natural hair color is not red at all. In her youth, she was light-haired, and then at the age of seventeen she decided to repaint and organically got used to the image of a red-haired beast.


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Nastya, by the way, is not the first star in her family. First, her older brother Pavel Maikov became famous, who played the role of the Bee in the TV series "Brigade". Nastya was sincerely happy for her brother and never envied him.

- I never wanted to be famous, - the singer honestly admits.

The brother and sister, unfortunately, rarely see each other now: both are very busy. I was surprised to learn that Daniel, Maykov's son from his first wife, lives with his father.

- Danya himself wanted it, and it suited everyone, - explains Stotskaya. - But with my mother, of course, they constantly see each other.

Nastya herself, by the way, has an excellent relationship with her beloved mother. They are real friends, they like to share secrets with each other and consult. Anna Stotskaya is an artist, she has been making something with her own hands all her life, she especially loves to knit.


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Anastasia's mother came to my studio and completely amazed me: she looks at most Nastya's older sister, but not a mother at all! Of course, this is largely genetics, but from time to time Anna goes to the clinic and goes hungry to keep fit.

Mom and daughter are very close. At first, the chosen one of Anastasia, businessman Sergey Anna, was wary, like any loving mother. She was also embarrassed by the fact that the future son-in-law was an Armenian, a representative of a different culture.

Nastya has been married to Sergei for many years, but fans still sigh when it comes to that period of her life when Philip Kirkorov was nearby.


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“He charmed my grandmother so much that she just fell in love with him,” Nastya recalls. - Every time I came to visit her, she asked: "Nastya, well, when will you marry Kirkorov?" I already had a husband and a child, but my grandmother still continued to be interested and hint that it would be good. She dreamed that we would get married.

The relationship between producer Kirkorov and his red-haired ward was not always easy. It happened that they swore, took offense at each other

- Maybe I wanted to attract attention to myself in this way, - says Nastya. - For example, I ran away from concerts. True, I was always returned.

Anastasia's mother believes that Nastya was in love with Philip, and he did not reciprocate her feelings. That is why Nastya at some point began to behave like an offended girl who lacks attention. The singer agrees with this version. Well, who in her place would not fall in love with such a handsome man?

- Philip is a special person in my life, - Nastya smiles warmly. - He completely fascinated me, I, of course, was in love with him and still love him. He taught me a lot, gave me a lot, told everyone about me

Alla Borisovna, who was then still the wife of Philip Kirkorov, came to rehearsals of the musical "Chicago", gave advice, criticized Nastya, and she did not take offense, but tried to listen. The wise Pugacheva did not see a rival in Nastya - she perfectly understood that this was just a business and nothing more.

- Philip and I really looked very cool and still look, - smiles Nastya.- And many people wanted us to be together The first time we kissed in the elevator, when Philip accompanied me home. He said how talented I am, what a brilliant future awaits me. Everything was very beautiful and romantic.

When the musical "Chicago" failed, Philip asked Nastya if she wanted to try herself as a singer. The girl, of course, agreed. Getting Kirkorov himself as a producer is a dream! They signed a five-year contract. Philip dressed Nastya smartly, bought songs for her, took her on tour And once even saved her life


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Once Nastya took time off from the musical "Chicago" to go to the musical "Nord-Ost". It turned out that Philip was not in the know and demanded that she immediately return to the theater. Nastya could not disobey the producer and came to work, and a few hours later it turned out that the spectators and actors of "Nord-Ost" had become hostages of terrorists

Of course, Nastya was grateful to Philip, who, by chance, but still saved her from trouble. However, their relationship got worse every day. Nastya was expecting a decisive step from Kirkorov, and he saw in her only a talented ward - and nothing more.

- By the end of the contract, we practically did not work, - Nastya sighs. - I, of course, understood that Philip Kirkorov is not the kind of person you can marry and cook soup for him. It's just not about Philip.

The contract ended - and Nastya set off on a free voyage. It seemed to her that now she would live even better than before. But she was wrong. She was almost immediately cheated for 700,000 euros, which was presented to her by a generous admirer. Our team went out to one of two men who circled Nastya. His name is Zinovy ​​Poprotsky, and he does not feel guilty, claiming that he has reported to Stotskaya for every penny.

“I was crushed,” Stotskaya admits. - I realized how much could be done with this money: buy an apartment for my parents, open a business

Nastya did not complain to Philip. She told him about what had happened only later, when her cunning "producers" and the trace vanished.

But Philip could have solved the problem in one moment! He is a man, although creative, but he does not hold decisiveness and rigidity. So, once he forbade Stotskaya to marry actor Alexei Sekirin, in whom Nastya fell in love and even married him. And, as time has shown, he was right: Alexei was unfaithful to Nastya and hardly took her seriously. Nastya did not even know that Alexei already had a son, whom he did not bother to tell her about.

Then Nastya started an affair with the singer Vlad Topalov, but she did not work out with him either. Now Nastya is finally happily married. True, she and her husband did not go to the registry office immediately, but ten days before Nastya became a mother.

- Sergei was very worried, he wanted a boy to be born, - Nastya recalls. - I had a slight toxicosis, he brought me breakfast in bed, brought lunches to the theater, where I was rehearsing then.

> Nastya says that she liked Sergei right away, from the very first meeting. Their first kiss happened in Dubai, where they flew to rest in a common company, and then the romance continued in Moscow.

> The couple have been together for almost ten years, they have two children. However, the media cannot calm down and now and then publish photos of Kirkorov's son and Stotskaya's son, which are really very similar. Rumor has it that Nastya gave Philip her egg

- I haven't read that, - Nastya was sincerely surprised. - I can only laugh at this version.

Nastya is a wonderful mother. Filipino nanny Sharyl helps her to take care of her son Sasha and daughter Vera, whom Nastya did not immediately, but still learned to trust. Vera is still very young, but Sasha came to my studio and told me that he dreamed of becoming a surgeon in order to help people. Sasha especially wants to help the son of his Filipino nanny, who was born deaf and dumb.

When it was the turn of the secret worth one million rubles, I handed Nastya an envelope, which contained a question regarding the similarity of their sons with Kirkorov.

“They surprised me,” said Nastya and got very nervous. - I, frankly, expected to read a little bit different. There are people who are involved in this, and I have no right to disclose these things. I'm in shock. I'll never talk about it.

With these words, Nastya, in whose eyes tears glittered, burned the envelope. Well, some secrets must remain unsolved - that's why they are secrets.

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