Two Weeks After Giving Birth, I Was Crying On My Husband's Shoulder

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Two Weeks After Giving Birth, I Was Crying On My Husband's Shoulder
Two Weeks After Giving Birth, I Was Crying On My Husband's Shoulder

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A year ago, Regina confessed to Teleprogram that she was damn in love. And on December 5, she and her husband Vlad Topalov became parents.

The young mother decided to do without maternity leave: she started filming the new season of her show on YouTube, continued to lead the Makeup project on Friday! Moreover, Todorenko successfully combines his career with the fulfillment of his maternal duty.

- Is the shooting of "Friday with Regina" really taking place in your apartment? And cinematographers, lights, director trample the carpet in your living room?

- We decided to make the new season of the show home, so that our friends-artists would come to visit Vlad and me and, sitting on the sofa in slippers, would tell all the most interesting things that happen in their lives. And Vlad even had to become my co-host.

I have a much simpler attitude to the presence of a film crew in the apartment. These are our good comrades, friends who hang out at our house on Fridays. In addition, this is the kind of "one more apartment" that we have.


- Why do you only invite girls to visit? Temnikova, Muceniece, Sedokova Some kind of sexism.

- What are you, what sexism? We have just not matriarchy, but patriarchy. I asked my husband for permission to film at home. He agreed with pleasure.

Although no, gritting my teeth. If only I was at home! And I myself do not really want to go somewhere. We have a little man, we want to keep up with him.

And when filming is far away, it's hard to do. I am interested in the topic of motherhood, so my guests are mostly mothers. Or girls who are going to become mothers. Is it possible to combine a career with motherhood?

I understand that this is wildly difficult. This is the main question - both for those mothers who believe that if she gave birth, then she went on maternity leave for three years, and for those who are sure that children will interfere with their careers.

- Is it really possible to do an expensive, beautiful show on the Internet and not go down the drain?

- Of course. YouTube is an independent platform where everyone is his own producer and director. You directly offer your services to the advertiser, you earn.

It is interesting for me to develop not only as a presenter, but also to realize myself as a producer who can create films and series in the future. This is in the plans for the future. In my own show, I have the opportunity to practice.

- How many people are in your team?

- About thirty people.

- And everyone needs to be paid a salary.

- What I am very proud of! From a little Regina the traveler, I turned into a producer of my own show. Together with Valeria Rodnyanskaya, who, by the way, is a co-producer of Friday with Regina, we give people the opportunity to realize their ambitions.

- Now many TV stars are trying to realize themselves on YouTube, but not all of them succeed.

- Tell me why? The secret is in the kids! If children are watching, you have bread for the next 40 years. YouTube is a young audience: people choose free TV on the Internet and watch it whenever they want.

- Who is the main breadwinner in your family?

- We both earn good money, we both bring money to the family. When my husband gives me money, I don't mind.

I'm a woman after all! The family is provided by Vladislav Mikhailovich. And I … I spend money on my show.


- A year ago you said that you somehow allowed yourself an expensive purchase - a backpack for 100 thousand. And you were embarrassed: that kind of money! Are you looking at the price tags now, or can you already afford not to?

- I always keep in my head: “Now you will buy an expensive thing. Will it last you long? Or is it just a whim? " If I understand that a thing is for ten years, I will buy it, even if it costs 100 thousand.

I am a practicing person, I love universal things. I need a coffee grinder, a double boiler, and this … defrost in one device!

- Two weeks after giving birth, you had your first shooting. Was it easy for you?

- I sobbed on my husband's shoulder: “What have I done? I need to give up filming, I cannot leave the child! " But it turned out that you can not leave the child, but ride with him.

I am very grateful to Vlad for what he said: “Work, nothing terrible will happen. You can't help but work. And when you are happy, then our whole family is also happy."

- While you are in the frame, a child with a nanny?

“I don’t trust nannies yet. He is with my mother - that is, with my grandmother. Sometimes "shift shifts" come. Now one grandmother, now the second, now my sister from Odessa is his godmother.

- Have you and your son visited your relatives yet?

- No, but I already traveled with him - to work in Dubai. We filmed there an ad campaign for one brand. The son was three months old. The first stamp is in the passport.

- How did the kid endure the flight?

- I read a lot of literature on parenting. The child mirrors maternal emotions and feelings, especially in the first year, I tested. If you are worried, he will be worried and nervous with you.

And if you say that everything is cool, we are going on a big trip. He feels everything. I sometimes ask him: "Michael, please sleep now for four and a half hours, I will just have a break." And so it turns out.


- Why Michael?

- They looked at him in the hospital … While all the children were screaming, he slept for six hours. And we realized that he was a hibernating bear.

There were many different options, of course. But we saw a bear cub in him and decided that he was a Bear.

- What did you feel when you first put your son to your chest?

- Satisfaction: "You did it, well done!"

- And then? What was the hardest part?

- How to give birth, I studied. Everything was clear to me - how to breathe, how to sit, how to lie down. And then I realized that there is no reference book on how to continue to live. How to put on a diaper?

How to wash the baby? Will his arm not break if I take him in a certain way? It is very difficult. Here you need to act on a whim and on your own.

And what is important is to be able to rest. The most difficult was the first month. If I even a little understood what awaited me, it would be easier. Nowhere is it written what to do with a child who is crying, and you do not understand why.

Then Vladislav Mikhailovich and I went to the psychologist Lyudmila Petranovskaya. She explained everything to us well: “Why are you soaring? It's just that everything is scary and new for him. In a month everything will be fine, he will get used to it."

Indeed, he is used to everything. And we began to go to grandma's, to grandfather's, to the shooting - anywhere.

- What has changed in you after the birth of your son?

- There is more responsibility. You can jump without a parachute - please, it's not difficult for me, I'm an extreme person. But when you have a little man in your arms. At some point, I realized that I do not belong to myself.

I belong to a child. And it scared me a little. Then I was overcome by thoughts: first, “Why did you go to work, you fool ?!”, and then “I will stay at home? But what about my ambitions ?! " In general, I realized that the meaning of my life has changed 360 degrees.

Or 180 - I don't know how to say it correctly. I really want to give this little man everything that I have. I still don't believe that Vlad and I have an heir. I'm still in euphoria!

- How has paternity affected your husband?

- When I met him, he desperately wanted children. Vlad has become so sentimental now … Few people know him like that. He's always so cocky, cool.

And now he, too, "matured", like me! A small child is something that cannot but melt your heart, no matter how stone you are. Vlad is very proud of his son, plays with him, has already sent him to sail. And I'm proud of Vlad. I know a lot of cases when fathers are removed.

It's like in the animal kingdom - after the appearance of the baby, the fathers fade into the background, some leave the flock. And Vlad spends a lot of time with the child, sometimes he even comes to me for shooting: "I have to nurse my son, grandmothers can rest."

- Did the older generation of the family try to influence you? Like, she would have sat on maternity leave.

- It's customary in our family to help each other.My grandparents helped my parents, and they help me. I do not impose my choice on anyone.

Someone, on the contrary, has a desire to sit at home, to plunge completely into the world of the child. I, too, plunge, I am entirely in him - we want him to feel our warmth. But we have an atypical, democratic approach. We don't rock Michael, by the way.

And we always proceed from his desires. If he wants to play, we leave him alone, and he plays in the crib. And my mother said to me: "You are a mother, and you know how he feels better, so let's do what you say."

- What kind of mom are you determined to become? Some teach English from six months.

- We wanted to take an English-speaking nanny, but I realized that it was too early. We will let him try his best, but I will not force him.

I want our child to be as inquisitive, curious, intellectually developed as Vlad and I. I really want him to have a desire to learn.

This is what I will try to instill in him. I'm not the type to hire a bunch of governesses: one speaks German, another speaks English, one speaks Italian, and we all show him the pirouettes.


- Three months after giving birth, you starred in a swimsuit. How did you get in shape?

- During pregnancy, you need to do the same practice that you did before, be it fitness, strength gymnastics or running. But it's important not to overdo it. I did yoga and continue to do it.

And on the third day in the hospital, I also did yoga. But genes are also important - women in our family have always recovered quickly. Breastfeeding is also important.

A woman, it seems to me, is losing weight quickly, because everything in the body works for milk production. All juices are squeezed out. And proper nutrition: I completely excluded fried, smoked and salted foods. If you do not eat this for three months, then you become very thin.

- In addition to the internet show, you are still in the midst of a new season of the Makeup project. But they say that this is not all.

- There will also be a show "Regina plus one". It will be released soon on Friday! This will be a project related to motherhood. Such a wellness show, where I will tell you how to put yourself in order after the birth of a child, communicate with experts.

- Who is Misha more like?

- Oh, it is impossible to determine yet. When he was born, he looked like dad … That's it, I went to feed him!


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Regina Todorenko was born on June 14, 1990 in Odessa. Since childhood, she has been engaged in choreography and vocals. Graduated from the University of Culture and Arts.

She participated in the Ukrainian "Star Factory", sang in a group. Author of texts for dozens of songs for Ukrainian and Russian artists.

She hosted the show "Heads and Tails" on "Friday!", Released a solo album. Twice included in the hundred of the sexiest women in Russia according to Maxim.

In October 2018, she married musician Vlad Topalov. On December 5, the couple had a son, Misha.

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