Kirkorov Is Frank About The Relationship With Pugacheva After The Divorce

Kirkorov Is Frank About The Relationship With Pugacheva After The Divorce
Kirkorov Is Frank About The Relationship With Pugacheva After The Divorce

Video: Kirkorov Is Frank About The Relationship With Pugacheva After The Divorce

Video: Киркоров подтвердил ссору с Пугачевой и признался, что их семьи больше не дружат 2022, December

The outgoing year will be remembered by music lovers with the premiere of several powerful shows at Olimpiyskiy - Diva by Ani Lorak, Night Snipers - 25 by Diana Arbenina, Ntour by Sergey Lazarev and, of course, I + R. Second Self "Philip Kirkorov. Each of the programs has absorbed all the best in terms of technology, showing the highest level to which all artists should strive.

Philip Kirkorov initially wanted only to slightly improve and update the show "I", thought out by Franco Dragon, which premiered in the spring of 2016. But in the end we got a completely new program with a complex name "New Project" I + R "Second I" and an equally complex setting.

Tons of equipment, elevators and lifts, huge balls, curtain and throne, hundreds of costumes, the latest new generation LED screens with 3D graphics - each song in this show had its own unique pattern. Kirkorov seemed to have invited fans on a journey through their dreams, thoughts, feelings - that deep inner world, which he has always been different.

The plot basis of the past program of the King of Pop was the story of how little Philip was given a white ball by God. To the surprised boy, he said: "This is what people are looking for all their lives, but he just gets it like that." And the audience watched how the artist evolved, how he took advantage of the heavenly gift - talent and charisma.

In the current show, the singer was accompanied on stage by Muse and Angel - companions of all gifted people. The singer presented a whole story in terms of drama, and he told it through mainly new songs that have appeared in his repertoire in recent years. He wanted to show himself as a mature artist who is capable of working in different genres for different audiences. What is the song "The color of the mood is black", which sounded twice in the concert - Kirkorov sang it (or rather, practically rapped!) Solo and in a duet with Yegor Creed, who managed to come to the end of the concert.

There were also premieres. For example, he rethought Alla Pugacheva's hit "Dear Author" in 1987, rewriting the verses, and leaving the chorus the same:, beat your own, so that they do not stand out, / Beat, beat, beat your own, so that they do not climb forward. " More than thirty years have passed since Ilya Reznik wrote these words, and they are still relevant - Pugacheva, Kirkorov and others like them constantly get from journalists. Fortunately, they take a wise attitude and never argue with anyone.

Alla Pugacheva taught them this wisdom. By the way, she was also at the concert of her ex-husband. And Kirkorov was happy, calling the singer his "first producer and first teacher."

“When I was a 14-year-old boy watching my first beautiful show“I came and say”here, did I think that many years later I have to complete the history of this hall,” he said to the 20,000-seat hall.

Indeed, it turned out very symbolic and looped. Alla Borisovna performed at the Olympic Stadium in June and November 1984. Then she gave twenty sold-out solo albums here - no one else had it! In December 2018, Philip Bedrosovich put a beautiful end to the history of the legendary sports complex.

And after the performance, the singer frankly told reporters about how his relationship with his former and only wife is being built today.

"I have taken so much from her over the years and learned so much that understanding Alla even without words," smiled Philip. “I’m doing something right in this life. She is an unshakable authority for me, the only one whose opinion I listen to. Regardless of the status of our relations.Nothing has changed with us - we remain true friends, of whom there are not so many in my life."

Friends - Jasmine, Taisiya Povaliy, Bedros Kirkorov, Sergey Lazarev, Ani Lorak, Angelica Agurbash and many others - made hundreds of recordings from the concert on social networks, filled the king of pop with flowers on stage and praised him behind the scenes. He is worthy. He is the best.

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