Where Did The Millions Of Pugacheva Disappear?

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Where Did The Millions Of Pugacheva Disappear?
Where Did The Millions Of Pugacheva Disappear?

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Teleprogramma.pro understands why Alla Borisovna Pugacheva is still forced to sing in the "reserves". After all, the number one singer has been the most popular in the country for many years. Where did her fortune go?

By the way, the information that Pugacheva will make good money on tickets to her anniversary concert is nonsense. Prices from 200 thousand rubles. resellers set for the ticket. They managed to buy tickets on the first day of the start of sales. Maxim Galkin had to explain: “All tickets are sold out - we do not know where to put people. Dealers have some of the tickets. But we cannot do anything about it, because we have not yet adopted the Law on speculation. Scary amounts are voiced on the Internet. Well, we have something to do with it: people have bought out and want to make a gesheft! " A big concert is a costly business - you have to pay musicians, dancers, buy outfits. The rent of a concert hall in the Kremlin Palace will cost 8 million rubles. It is known that only one of the sponsors provided financial support to the Prima Donna for the show in the amount of 40 million rubles. So Alla Pugacheva will not be at a loss after the anniversary event.

The loss of the prima donna

Financial Pyramide

$ 1 million 750 thousand - non-refundable contribution in 1994.

In the 90s Alla Borisovna Pugacheva succumbed to the general "money rush" and took part of her savings - $ 1 million 750 thousand - to the financial pyramid "Vlastina". Big money! The founder of Vlastina, Valentina Solovyova, said that she had given Pugacheva a receipt in exchange for money, and the next day the documents were to be drawn up. But Solovyov was "tied", and the money disappeared.


from $ 100 thousand - business projects

Several of Alla Borisovna's business projects went bust. What was she not up to ?! The production of perfumes, a magazine, AB chips (the singer sold the plant with difficulty for 600 thousand euros), a school and a kindergarten for young talents But all projects were closed, as they did not bring tangible income.

Alla Pugacheva leaves a clinic in London with her grandson Nikita. The singer attended the birth of Christina Orbakaite's daughter. Photo: social networks.

Help for loved ones

from 500 million rubles - apartments and financial assistance.

Everyone knows that Pugacheva does not leave her people in trouble in show business. Someone brings envelopes with money (like the 84-year-old poetess Karina Stepanovna Filippova), or maybe buy an apartment (AB helped restore the documents and bought an apartment for the songwriter, author of "Arlekino" Boris Barkas, who got into difficult life situations). When Alla Borisovna finds out that people from her past or present life are in trouble, she immediately rushes to help. And he does not leave his relatives without attention: grandson Nikita Presnyakov gave an apartment in the center of Moscow at a cost of at least 50 million rubles. The prima donna presented her legendary five-room apartment on Tverskaya to her eldest daughter Kristina Orbakaite. She also provided real estate for her nephew.


$ 100K is the biggest loss.

Previously, the singer spent free evenings in a casino. After serious losses, Alla Pugacheva did not appear in gambling establishments for a long time, and when she was lucky, she got excited. Alla Borisovna did not sit down at roulette - she “disappeared” at slot machines. Once I lost - $ 100 thousand

Diva income


47 thousand rubles. - per month.

People's Artist of the USSR Alla Pugacheva receives 47 thousand rubles of pension. For many years, the singer has been donating her entire pension to targeted charitable assistance.


From 200 thousand euros (14.5 million rubles) - for a performance.

Alla Pugacheva periodically accepts offers to perform at the "zakazniks". The prima donna agrees to sing at weddings, corporate parties, anniversaries, not for all customers. The selection is careful, as the demand is huge. Alla Borisovna says that she could not work - her husband provides for her and small children completely, but she is not so used to it: “We need to earn somehow, because everything ends.The husband sometimes lets go to work "The prima donna explains that she has always earned more than her husbands, and now, on the contrary, this situation is not unusual for him:" Being supported by her husband is terrible!"

The property

from 80 million rubles - house and apartment

Alla Borisovna owns an apartment on the Arbat and a mansion with an area of ​​1000 square meters in the Istra district.


About 20% (from 1 million rubles) - from the sale of a collection of shoes and accessories

For many years, the famous brand has been producing collections of shoes, bags and accessories under the Alla Pugacheva brand.

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