Pugacheva Sang Live For Guests At The Holiday

Pugacheva Sang Live For Guests At The Holiday
Pugacheva Sang Live For Guests At The Holiday

Video: Pugacheva Sang Live For Guests At The Holiday

Video: Алла Пугачева - Любовь похожая на сон live 2022, December

Maxim Galkin showed a video of this performance.

Every year the singer gathers her loved ones in a new place to celebrate the "holiday of yellow flowers", which she herself invented in her youth. Traditions of about 50 years! On this day, on the first Sunday of spring, Alla Borisovna's guests meet at her house, or in some restaurant, and present the hostess with yellow bouquets, and when the Prima Donna commands: "I allow spring," they begin to have fun.

This time, Pugacheva chose an institution in the very center of the capital for the evening. Among the guests were the singer's daughter Kristina Orbakaite, her son Nikita Presnyakov with his wife Alena, the Yudashkin family, Igor Nikolaev and Yulia Proskuryakova, Zhasmin, Irina Miroshnichenko and many others.

The hostess of the holiday herself appeared before the audience in a very unusual outfit. If earlier that day flowers were often present in the singer's costume, this time she preferred a striped dress-shirt to the floor with a high slit, patent ankle boots with heels and a black bow hat.

Why the singer dressed so restrained, it became clear from the video that the husband of the star Maxim Galkin filmed at home. It turns out that the dress carried a secret meaning.

- Today, on the first Sunday of spring, I personify striped life - black and white stripes. In my youth, in my youth, even it would seem that there were black stripes, but because we were young, life was always bright, '' Pugacheva explained.

Apparently, in this way, Alla Borisovna hinted that you always need to stay young in your soul, then there will be fewer black bars.

At the evening of the Prima Donna, musicians played, the singer herself sang the hit "The Woman Who Sings" for the guests, and Maxim Galkin filmed this performance on video and posted it on Instagram so that spring began for all Pugacheva's fans.

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