Sedokova Posted A Candid Photo

Sedokova Posted A Candid Photo
Sedokova Posted A Candid Photo

Video: Sedokova Posted A Candid Photo

Video: Анна Седокова – Набирай меня (Премьера клипа, 2021) 2022, December

36-year-old singer Anna Sedokova is the mother of three children. She gave birth to 14-year-old Alina from football player Valentin Belkevich, seven-year-old Monika appeared from Anna's marriage with businessman Maxim Chernyavsky, and in 2017 she had a son, Hector, from dancer Sergei Gumanyuk.

The artist tries to devote time to each child. Now Anna lives in Los Angeles and is raising Monica. In her Instagram, the ex-soloist of VIA Gra told the subscribers that she spends a lot of time with her child on vacation, and was surprised how her daughter grew up.

“Monica cares so incredibly about me. We were in the store, and I, of course, applied it on my hands, but it is already tall and not light. So my back ached so much. We were in the store and I, a strong woman who did not show her face before, returning from the store with groceries today, suddenly said that something was hurting my back. Monica suddenly says in a commanding voice, well, mom, quickly to bed! I'll put the food out myself! " - Sedokova boasted to her subscribers.

The actress was struck by the independence of the baby. Anna urged mothers: do not always pretend that everything is fine. Sometimes you need to ask for help and allow yourself to be weak.

Sedokova's post was accompanied by a candid photo of her sitting on the stairs in a short top and shorts. Subscribers appreciated her seductive figure, which she quickly returned after the third birth.

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